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Britain’s Got Talent was back for the first of five semi-finals over five Saturday nights. Ant and Dec started this one with a musical number about the fact they were back on Saturday night,  and about the judges. For us Yorkshire people, there was only one of the eight acts from North Yorkshire.

This review is by our accessibility reporter and Britain’s Got Talent fan Dan Crossfield.

The first semi-finals of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent aired on Saturday 5th September 2020, and here’s which acts performed:

Fayth Ifil – (Simon’s Golden Buzzer) – Singer

Imen Siar (Singer),

James & Dylan Piper (Magicians),

James Stott (Magician),

SOS from the kids (Choir),

 Steve Royle (Comic Juggler),

Urban Turtles (Dancers)

Yakub   (Dancer)

Below are the order they appeared in the semi-final and my thoughts on their performance.

Urban Turtles – They were OK if you like dancing turtles, I didn’t particularly like it, and I don’t think they are going to make the final.

James & Dylan Piper – These two were brilliant, as James asked Ashley to come onto stage, and choose six pictures that were scattered on the stage, so Ashley chose six , then the son Dylan joined through video link. He then described what he thought each picture was five of them were of family, and the last picture was of Ashley and his son, then James asked Ashley what his boy’s called, Ashley said Micah then the pictures spelt out Micah , and then James and Dylan said what they see in each other, and then somehow behind the big picture of Ashley and his boy Dylan appeared and his dad ended up near the judges, I was saying “What?  How the hell?

Imen Siar – She was a good singer, she had good vocals and made the song her own again like the auditions.

Yakub – This young dancer was brilliant as he did acrobatic movements to a good song as well, and the judges liked it so that’s always good.

James Stott – This was a dangerous one, as there were five boxes that were all connected to desonators, but James was inside one of them, then the judges had to one by one choose a colour which had a number on, then whichever number they chose they had to go over to that desonator and press the button, and a weight of 1 tonne landed on top of each box, and then the one they didn’t choose, James cut the box open and revealed himself, Luckily none of the judges chose that one or else he probably would be dead. It was dangerous, heart-stopping but brilliant too for drama.

SOS from the Kids – Due to coronavirus guidelines, they were limited to the number of singers allowed in the studio at any one time, so this performance from the kids was pre-recorded earlier in the week, but if anything that made it better as their song again got the message about climate change across, even if it wasn’t in the studio, another good performance.

Fayth Ifil – This was Simon’s Golden Buzzer and she did Simon proud as her performance was good.

Steve Royle – This comedian was funny as he did all sorts, he included a couple of coronavirus jokes about hand sanitiser etc, he fell off stage, did some juggling with some balls and other things, he made me laugh which was important.

So then the judges had to confer and come up with their top three from the night, and they chose:

Fayth Ifil

James and Dylan Piper

Steve Royle

The other five were put into the public vote, then the judges all had to name the act they wanted to get through to the final, and they all chose Steve Royle so he won the first semi-final, then Ant and Dec said the public vote will be open until Monday morning, and the winner of the public vote won’t be announced until the big final on October 10th, maybe that’s the new way of doing things on Britain’s Got Talent.

So in summary, I would say that the standard of the first semi-final was pretty good,  apart from maybe the turtles and I really enjoyed seeing Britain’s Got Talent back.

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