A Self care plan to staying well while working online

Here’s some tips on how to stay well and healthy while working online:

  1.  Set up a dedicated workspace – You need to find a room where there’s no distractions  
  2. Avoid strain and pain – Having a chair that supports your posture is good to have, as it’ll be better for your back. You can also try and get out at least once a day or workout
  3. Establish a  routine –  If possible, you need to try and start work at the same time  every day, Structuring your  day will ensure you stay focused
  4.  Take breaks including lunch – Be mindful and schedule breaks into your day whether it be tea breaks, lunch breaks, walking.  Anything that takes your mind off work for a while will do.
  5. Keep hydrated – drinking plenty of fluid is needed as it helps you not only keep hydrated but limits the risk of anything serious happening to you
  6. Maintain a  work-life balance – This is important if you have a family.

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