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Get Active, Be Creative and Stay Connected with Digitally Active 

Digitally Active creates content for Yorkshire Families Magazine (i.e. this is its online magazine) empowering people from seldom-heard groups, to utilise their interest in digital skills by running digital workshops and enabling those involved to get published, have the opportunity to create content for other businesses and most of all develop their own accessible media team. 

We launched Digitally Active where we are not only utilising our in-house Yorkshire Families magazine to champion available and accessible activities but to up-skill people from seldom-heard backgrounds with a love of digital, media, writing, and online creative expression so that they can review places, learn how to be community reporters and acquire more digital skills as well as having their work published in the Magazine.

We aspire to create our own glossy multi-platform content. Starting with writing, photography, podcasting, and vlogging, leading to creating a multi-platform TV, radio, and community magazine – something sustainable and in the long run. Not to mention the skills they will acquire as the next digital entrepreneurs – as they will have opportunities to learn how to run an enterprise, provide cost-effective simple web maintenance and social media packages assisting SMEs, and primarily being the reporters for the multi-platform community news channel, which will, of course, be as accessible as possible! 

We have been piloting the project by reviewing places as community reporters. Myself the editor supports adults with disabilities to enjoy an activity and report on it for the site and our social media following of 5k combined (just the beginning). 

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Move indoors and outdoors from sporting events to home workouts & activities for the family 

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Our ethos: 

To empower communities to utilise their love of social media, online and digital media to create their own content to share their own stories in the most powerful way. 

As we specialise in multi-platform content (social media management, website maintenance, blogging, vlogging, podcasting, and training people with digital skills) with ethical principles. Not only are we enabling people to explore their interests but also develop a career in digital either as an entrepreneur or working through us or for other organisations. 

Our goal is to create a safe learning environment whilst also building strong ties with local Community Groups in and around Yorkshire where we are piloting our training.

As a team, we have made full use of our shared extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of Digital, Disabilities, Media, Finance, Business, and Management. 

Get Active, Be Creative and Stay Connected

Get active, learn new skills & get connected in Yorkshire and beyond. 

Imagine a world where underrepresented communities had the same career opportunities as other digital entrepreneurs? We could create a community of content creators, website designers, digital reporters and, marketeers from a wide range of backgrounds. This could positively influence content created from improved website accessibility designed by those with disabilities to value-driven content which serves to challenge stigma.

But too often disadvantaged people have limited opportunities to engage in the professional world of digital entrepreneurship due to limited accessibility of websites, lack of work experience opportunities, appropriate training and, low confidence to connect with other enterprises. 

We engage, empower and connect budding digital entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to learn with us, become community reporters, digital creatives, marketeers, or learn website administration. 

We work with SMEs and local businesses to deliver a range of cost-effective services, which supports our team of trained digital entrepreneurs who have a range of additional needs who work alongside our in-house team of professionals. 

We exist to: 

  • Provide accessible digital skills training to elevate budding digital entrepreneurs from a range of underserved communities.
  • Connect skilled and seldom-heard individuals with opportunities in business and elevate their career prospects. 
  • To equip and empower budding digital entrepreneurs with the skills they need to make a positive impact online. 
  • Ensure the online world becomes more accessible to people with specific needs through assisting disabled digital entrepreneurs to gain work opportunities to enable change and empower those from areas of significant deprivation to access digital technology and learn enterprising skills online. 
  • Support value-driven SMEs and businesses with their digital marketing efforts.

Work With Us: 

Our background as Digitally Active (Yorkshire Families Magazine): 

Digitally Active is here to support organisations with cost-effective online support whilst harnessing and coaching the digital talents of adults who would otherwise not have the opportunity to thrive with their skillset. 

From basic website building to social media management and content planning, Digitally Active will provide businesses, charities, and organisations with online support via their team of trained adults with learning difficulties (who will be under professional guidance and fully supported). 

People with learning disabilities often have very little choice about work experience and gaining employment, so digitally active wants to help address this issue by offering digital training, support and real-world work experience as participants will be working for a range of businesses and organisations. 

Sparkle Communications joined forces with a fellow independent business – Go2Print as both businesses have experience of working with a range of people from disadvantaged backgrounds through creative communications, digital and printed content as well as social media management. 

Not only that Sparkle’s Sophie Mei Lan has her own lived experience of being from an ethnic minority in an area of significant deprivation, so can relate to some of the barriers facing certain communities to acquire jobs in the media. Go2Print run by Julie and Kevin Crossfield has their online content created by their son Daniel who also volunteers for Digitally Active and is on the Autistic Spectrum. 


From Journaling your own story to creative writing and Journalism. We run a range of writing workshops for all levels, whether you’re a novice or a professional author.

Our first club of 2022 is the Journey to Journaling Club for adults 

 19th January – 1pm-2pm At The Ridings – Please book by emailing [email protected]   

Pay as You Feel. You receive a free journal thanks to Inspiring Community CIC to support wellbeing and writing.  


Whether you love creative writing or want to become an online journalist we run regular clubs for young people starting from Friday 21st January from 4-5pm and Young Reporters Club. You receive a free journal if attending 21st launch thanks to Inspiring Community CIC to support wellbeing and writing. Pay as you feel. 

Please book by emailing [email protected]   


Join our team of community reporters where you can train, learn digital skills and get your work published with us. We also have a range of opportunities for you to review days out, activities and, experiences.

Creating Media with Meaning. Using our Substance with Sparkle approach.

Welcome to our family because you are now one of our community as we go on this journey of adventures together. 

 We at Yorkshire Families are a diverse array of community reporters in the know about our areas and we are on a mission to create an accessible guide for all to use, after experiencing our own life challenges. 

We are passionate about giving a voice to underrepresented communities and providing opportunities for all.

Sophie, Founder of Yorkshire Families