Reel cinema review and Around the World in 80 days review

On Wednesday 1st September 2021, I went to the Reel Cinema in the Ridings Wakefield for what was my first trip inside a cinema for ages. I went with Sophie Mei Lan and her two children. They got there before me, so all I had to do was pay for my popcorn and drink.

The cinema was just like any other cinema   with big screens, space to put your feet and good quality films.

The film we went to see was called Around the World in 80 days which was all about a marmoset  wanting to explore the world in 80 days but  his mum wouldn’t let me, so he sneaked out and he saw all these other animals who were weird, and he also came across a frog who landed on his shore, and he decided that he wanted to explore the world with him, and again his mum didn’t let him, but they explored the world eventually, and it took a while, but they managed it as they started off by walking which took them to a desert, then they climbed onboard a train and  finally they went on a surfboard, as they bumped into this other frog who was about to be burnt alive, and the two frogs became friends , and eventually they came home and the whole aim was to run away from this policewoman who it turned out had robbed a bank, but framed the frog for it.

It was a good film and I would recommend it to mums and dads who have kids

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