WORK FROM HOME: How to start a business or rebrand your current one


The New Year is a great time to refocus and follow your dreams, but every goal needs a plan of action so you have clear focus, direction and success to achieve the “flexible working” and “being your own boss” life.

Whether you’re a busy parent wanting more time at home with family or you fancy making the most of new skills you’ve acquired and living a more passion and purpose filled life… Here’s how you can start a business or rebrand it in 2021 and beyond.

1)      Do your market research and stand out

You do you.  But first, get a lay of the land and work out your competition. That way, you know what you’re up against.  From there, come up with a plan to make your messaging different abd make branding visual so it’s memorable.  Of course, you still need to speak to your demographic which is your audience.  Don’t focus on being so unique that you lose sight of your target audience and their wants and needs.  Also, set a branding budget so you know what you have to work with and can make realistic goals. 


2)      Develop a brand statement 

A brand statement introduces your personal brand to the world.  It is a personal mission statement that tells people what to expect from you.  It’s the packaging that sets you apart from other brands on the figurative store shelf.

It might sound like a lot of pressure, but don’t get too caught up in it.  Remember, it is not set in stone — it will probably change as your brand grows.  For now, focus on the basics. Who you are. What you do.  Your audience.  Why anyone should care.

Now that you have the basics, don’t forget to infuse it with some personality.  This takes a generic, dime-a-dozen statement and turns it into a declaration that people will remember.


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3)      Have a (re)branding checklist

This stage is where the implementation of your new brand identity begins.  It’s a common mistake to only update a company’s logo on primary brand channels such as the website and social media channels.  (Re)branding is a complex process, so we created a checklist of branded pieces that you should consider updating when implementing your new brand identity, from print to digital.

Some items to consider include:



Company email templates

Collateral like brochures and flyers

Vehicle wraps

4)       Create a business blog

We just touched on this in the previous strategy, but content is such an important driver of SEO that it really deserves its own category as a promotional strategy.  A blog is not LiveJournal for businesses. Sure, you can create some posts about milestones and events, but a lucrative business blog is one that produces educational content, in your brand voice, around questions and terms your ideal customers are searching in Google. 


5)      Use social media platforms to rebrand your business

 If you haven’t already, then you should use social media channels to rebrand your business by saying what it’s about, products you sell, contact details.  Good social media channels to either brand or promote your business are: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Business.

You can also promote your business by using a blog for example:

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