Forest Bathing: Top Places To Try Newest Wellness Trend

  • The recent launch of Amazon Prime’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’, follows nine stressed city dwellers on a path to a better way of living at a boutique health-and-wellness resort. The show sees the characters trying ‘Forest Bathing’ to improve their mental wellbeing. Health and wellness experts at Eden’s Gate spotted the recent trend on Instagram and wanted to find out the best places to go Forest Bathing in the UK.

             This is about nine people who are stressed onto a better way of living at a resort that’s about       health and wellness.

Top Places To Try Forest Bathing In The UK

Most Instagrammed Forest Bathing Locations In The UK

Forest Bathing: Top Places To Try Newest Wellness Trend

The above are 3 searches people searched for after watching that show

What exactly is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is a practice from Japan and is based on relaxation process ,calm and quietamong trees, watching nature round you while breathing deeply can help adults and children destress and boost health.  

Loads of locations around UK

Eden’s Gate health experts searched on Instagram for most instagrammed locations in UK.

 the Japanese practice of the process of relaxation, the simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply can help both adults and children de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.  There are many locations in the UK where you can practise forest bathing. Health and wellness experts at Eden’s Gate took to Instagram to search through the #forestbathing hashtag to reveal the most Instagrammed locations in the UK. They then ranked them in order.

Key stories your readers will be interested in:

Dartmoor Park had 135,000 views which was the most posts and lasts 2-4 hours

Dartmoor national park has the most posts at 135k.  The forest bathing experience lasts 2-4 hours

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has 115,000 posts.

Leith Hill in southern England has 22.5k hashtagged posts. The hillside area features woodland, meadows & wildlife, plus an 18th-century tower with scenic views.

  • The New Forest has 2.8k hashtags on Instagram and is one of the largest remaining tracts of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in Southern England.

Below is data of how many posts each bathing location has

Forest Bathing Location Hashtags posts
Dartmoor National Park 135k
Great Smoky Mountains National Park 115k
Leith Hill 22.5k
Queens Wood, Muswell hill/crouch 10.8k
Cirencester Park, Gloucestershire 6.7k
Rendlesham Forest 6.1k
Broughton Hall Estate, Broughton Sanctuary 5.9k
Felbrigg 5.6k
Durlston Country Park 4.2k
Druids Temple 4.1k
RSPB Arne 3.6k
Thorp Perrow 3.2k
The New Forest UK 2.8k
Otley Chevin Forest Park 2.2k
Hackfall Wood 2.2k
Cefn Coed  726
Knightwick, Worcester 471
Kirroughtree Forest 433

The location with most hashtags is Dartmoor with 135,000 post, it’s in the county of Devon ,southwest England.  There’s Dartmoor ponies in it’s landscape which is defined by rivers and forests.  The experience lasts 2-4hours and you can walk to the forest and choose places where you can sit udner a tree ands at the end you get served Chinese green tea and biscuits.

The most hashtagged location is Dartmoor national park with 135k posts. Dartmoor National Park is a vast moorland in the county of Devon, in southwest England. Dartmoor ponies roam its craggy landscape, defined by forests and rivers. The forest bathing experience lasts 2-4 hours where you set off walking to the forest to places where you can choose a tree to sit under. At the end of the meditation session, you will be served delicious loose-leaf Chinese Green Tea and biscuits.

The highest summit of Greensand Ridge is Leith Hill in south of England with 22,500 posts. Hillside includes woodland, meadows and wildlife, and an 18th century tower with scenic views. During this experience, you’ll be guided gently through woodland for an unforgettable and relaxing experience,  slowly moving through woodland and connecting with nature.

New Forest had 2.8 posts and is one of largest remaining bits of unenclosed pasture land, heathland and forest in south of England.  It’s got numerous locations to try bathing, including Exbury gardens and other things.

RSPB Arne is a marsh specifically reserved for bird spotting and nature walks for families, with a visitor centre in Wareham. Its got 3,600 posts on Instagram and it offers professional forest bathing lessons with Holistic Healing Therapy.


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