How I will feel when I walk down and get into Elland Road for the 1st time in around 20 months on Sunday 12th September


The last time I went to a Leeds United game was January 2020 against Sheffield Wednesday , a game Leeds lost 2-0 when Leeds were in the Championship, but things have changed now and they’re into their 2nd season as a Premier League club.

And on Sunday 12th September, I will feel the nerves and the excitement of going back and walking down to Elland Road, and it should be a good game against Liverpool.

I will get to see some players in the flesh that I’ve only seen on TV such as:  Raphinha for Leeds, I’ve seen Patrick Bamford before in the ground but he’ll be fresh from a first England callup, I’ll also get to see some Liverpool players in the flesh such as: Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino, Jordan Henderson and some others.

I’m just hoping for a free-flowing attacking game of football and some goals would be nice too.

Then hopefully after this one, I’ll be able to get to more.

Accessibility to the stadium wise, I’m not sure this time as I’m going to a stand I’ve not been in before so will need to get there early to work out things such as toilets, food and drink outlets etc but I can say from experience that the other stands I’ve been in are easier to get to, as there’s a turnstile and you put your ticket in barcode side first, and then it allows you in.

 I am really looking forward to it as I say it should be a good game hopefully.

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