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Whether you’re grocery shopping, you’re selecting an outfit for a long-awaited night out or you want some environmentally friendly ideas to save some cash… Protecting the planet and your purse needn’t come at a cost with these handy tips: 


By me Sophie Mei Lan, I originally published this handy guide on my personal blog too…


– Food waste is one of the main factors in causing climate change. But you can save money and prevent some of our carbon print by buying a food box and other surplus foods from The Real Junk Food Project which pops up every Monday and Friday afternoon outside Holland and Barrett (another environmentally friendly shop). Just order in advance via the Too Good to Go app and you may even find a surplus bargain In there from Morrison’s inside the environment. Plus if you’re in need of a food container from TK max or Poundland for example who sells bamboo boxes, you could use these or bring your own when ordering meat from one of the butchers or if you’re grabbing something to eat on the go. 

– Eco-fashion hauls: I regularly share my #charityshopfinds on Instagram where I go on shopping hauls if I’m in need of a new outfit or even some furniture and browse The Ridings decent mix of Charity shops and up-cycled furniture from Created in Yorkshire and Made in Yorkshire. Don’t miss Wakefield Hospice’s fabulous store which looks high-end but is actually really reasonable and all goes to an incredible local cause. No more rummaging around in run-down places for a second-hand bargain, this is charity shopping on a new level. Or if you’re looking for antique furniture or preloved items check out British Heart Foundation, the eco baby store opposite, and Wakefield Antiques Centre upstairs. 

– Fancy a spot of eco-friendly cleaning? Or skincare? Love2Grow has its own range of products inside Created in Yorkshire which comes in refillable spray bottles or you can make your own. Did you know? Containers from the Body care shop were used to grow the plants on the living wall in the rooftop car park which is also where their allotment is based. 

– Learn to grow your own herbs and vegetables or even acquire your own urban green space. Grow Wakefield runs the allotment located in the rooftop car park. It’s a lush enclosed hidden gem where you can learn to grow on Tuesdays or get on the waiting list for your own plot for just £1 a year! I also hope to run some movement and dance workshops here too! 

– If you fancy relaxing with a book or even getting active head to the lower ground toilets where you’ll find a free book library and table tennis, a large chess set and chill-out area. 

– Get crafty and creative: The Art House has a range of outlets within the shopping centre which includes local independents and creatives selling hand-made goods using recycled products and you can also buy recyclable crafting materials. 

– Waste not, want not? Don’t forget you can give the gift of your own preloved wear to the charity shops, donate books to the little library or take inspiration from the beautiful eco shops inside The Ridings to do at home! Plus you’ll see all the environmentally friendly bins to dispose of your rubbish as you explore this community hubbub. 

– Working from home can come at a cost to your business as well as wasting electricity. So why not hot-desk at one of the lovely coffee shops or spaces. There is also a co-working space on the horizon… 

– Shopping with children and babies? We know those little mouths and attention spans need feeding and activities so you can focus on shopping. To save your time, energy, money, and excessive travel and trips to get your weekly shopping done. Why not break up your visit by stopping at The Den play area for a drink and play? There’s also plenty of accessible fasciitis to feed a child. If you’re breastfeeding too, FAB charity has a new outlet opening at The Ridings or you can stop off in one of the activity areas. You can hire a child’s car as well to push the kids around the centre in!  That’s not to mention all the events that take place to keep all ages engaged. 

Being environmentally friendly and eco-conscious can save time and money, not to mention help to protect our planet as much as possible from climate change. 

So grab those re-usable shopping bags (or you can buy one in-store with some fun slogans on if you check out the array of quirky independents!) and head down to The Ridings today (ideally by foot, bike, or the free city bus!). 

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