MAKE YOUR MARKET DAY MATTER – Wakefield Rhubarb Festival proved that love of markets

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Often closed stalls are a sign of dying trade in the city, but as we marked Wakefield’s annual Rhubarb Festival, such empty tables snd shut huts were due to a roaring trade.

“Sold out, back soon” signs adorned some of the foodie offerings as we weaved around the city centre, finishing off devouring some Vegan treats inside The Ridings Food court which played host to a Vegan market as well as cookery demos from GBBO’s Karen Wright. 

Punters were spoilt for choice as we even stumbled across antiques and collectibles fair weaving around the busy shopping mall.

Wakefield has been missing its once lively market hall, but actually, I felt such vibrancy as I perused the city centre on a normally quiet Sunday.

Rhubarb Pie was on order

But the good news is that you don’t have to wait until the next Rhubarb Festival to experience the market buzz because The Ridings plays host to a range of markets all year round. From craft fairs to antique fairs and weekly independent traders. Alongside a range of charitable and community events and stalls in the food court and on the main plaza. 

Make your market day memorable with such a range of offerings and perfect to browse the stall whatever the weather. 

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