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Are you wanting to sort Christmas presents out early this year? Well here’s some more ideas we have for you to get for your family or friends

Did you know:

“Once we reach 20 years of age our body’s natural production of collagen slows down at a rate of 1% every year.  This can impact our health if we are unable to give our body additional collagen or the nutrients it needs to synthesize new collagen. 

FYX is a new ready to drink collagen infused spring water that is ideal for everyone, including Dads.  FYX is available in two great flavours: Raspberry and Acai Berry with antioxidants; and Lemon and Lime with Moringa Tea which helps with metabolism.  FYX is healthy and hydrating.  Each 400ml bottle contains 2500mg of premium Naticol Marine Collagen which is known to help repair damaged ligaments, joints and muscles with its powerful peptides, as well as enhancing your skin, nails and hair.  £1.99/bottle

Mind Challenge 

Use salt lamps to relax or bathe in salt for Self-care  

In the Victorian times, those with illnesses would be sent to the seaside in a bid to help them recover.

Our concept is exactly the same as that Victorians method, although much more concentrated.

You have probably gargled with salt for a sore throat (as suggested on the NHS website) or bathed in a salt bath to ease aching muscles, well these are all forms of salt therapy.

Salt Revive, Beverley

Life Hack

People deficient in vitamin C are particularly susceptible to severe respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and COVID-19 which cause vitamin C levels to drop dramatically due to increased need.

The not-for-profit project is crowdfunding to help fund vital VitaC4Care research.


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