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It’s that time of year again where we get together as families to celebrate Christmas. The TV offering at Christmas is pretty rubbish, but Dan has done his best to try and find some shows for you to watch over Christmas. He will split it into Soaps, Sports, Films and whatever else he finds.


Christmas Eve

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – (Film) BBC1 5:25pm-7pm

Blankety Blank Christmas Special (Quiz show) BBC1 8pm-8:35pm

Celebrity Catchphrase Christmas Special (Gameshow) ITV1 6pm-7pm

Britain Get Singing (Singing show) ITV1 8pm-9:20pm

Christmas Comedy Club with Lee Ridley  comedy (ITV1) 10:40pm-11:40pm

Home Alone (classic christmas film) Channel 4 5:25pm-7:25pm

The Great Christmas Bake Off 2022 (Cookery)  channel 4 8:25pm-9:40pm

Elf (classic xmas film) Sky showcase 6pm-8pm

Christmas Carole (Film)  Sky showcase 8pm-9:30pm

Christmas Day

This Morning pre recorded show (Morning show  ITV1 10am-12pm

The King’s Christmas Speech BBC1 And ITV1 3pm-3:10pm

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special (dancing) BBC1 5:10pm-6:25pm

Michael McIntyre’s Christmas Wheel (gameshow)  BBC1 6:25pm-7:25pm

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow Christmas special (gameshow) ITV1 3:10pm-4:10pm

Emmerdale (soap) ITV1 6pm-7pm

Coronation Street (soap) ITV1 7pm-8pm

Ant and Dec’s Christmas Limitless Win (Gameshow) ITV1 8pm-9pm

Home Alone 2 (Film) Channel 4 5:30pm-7:50pm

Gogglebox 2022 (factual) Channel 4 9:05pm-10:55pm

Boxing Day

Mary Poppins (film) BBC1 2:25pm-4:40pm

Peter Rabbit (film) Channel 4 5:55pm-7:30pm

The Chase Christmas Special (gameshow) ITV1 6pm-7pm

Emmerdale (soap) ITV1 7pm-7:30pm

Corrie (soap) ITV1 7:30PM-8:30PM

The Voice Kids (singing ) ITV1 8:30pm- 10pm

Match of the Day (footy highlights) BBC1 10:50pm-12:15am

Tues 27th

PDC World Darts Championship (Sport) Sky Sports Darts  12:30-4:30pm and 7pm-11pm

ET (Film) ITV1 1:30pm-3:45pm

Emmerdale ITV1 7:30pm-8:30pm

The Voice Kids 8:30pm-10pm

Weds 28th 

A Dog’s Journey (film) BBC1 10am-11:40am

PDC World Darts Championship (Sport) Sky Sports Darts  12:30-4:30pm and 7pm-11pm

Finding Dory (film) BBC1 2:20pm-3:50pm

The Chase (Quiz) ITV1 5:30pm-6:30pm

Corrie  ITV1 7pm-8pm

The Voice Kids ITV1 8pm-10pm

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (film) Channel 4 6:50pm-9pm

Jurassic Park 3 (film) Sky showcase 7:15pm-9pm

Thurs 29th

Cars 3 (children’s film) BBC1 11:25am-1pm

PDC World Darts Championship (Sport) Sky Sports Darts  12:30-4:30pm and 7pm-11pm

Zootropolis (children’s film) BBC1 1:55pm-3:35pm

Emmerdale ITV1 7pm-8pm

Corrie ITV1 8pm-8:30pm

John Bishop’s End of Year Show (talk show) 9:35pm-10:25pm

Fri 30th

PDC World Darts Championship (Sport) Sky Sports Darts  12:30-4:30pm and 7pm-11pm

Emmerdale ITV1 7pm-7:30pm

Corrie 7:30pm-8pm

Spectre (film) ITV1 8pm-10:40pm

New Year’s Eve

Inside Out (children’s film BBC1 2:50pm-4:20pm

Final Score (footy results show) BBC1 4:20pm-5:25pm

West Side Story (film) 3:10pm-5:35pm

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (film) ITV1 3:20pm-6:05pm

Emmerdale ITV1 7:30pm-8pm

Corrie ITV1 8pm-8:30pm

The National Lottery’s New Year’s Eve Big Bash  ITV1 8:30pm-10:35pm

Match of the Day BBC2 10pm-11:30pm

Jool’s Annual Hootenanny BBC2 11;30pm-1:30am

New Year’s Day

Mary Poppins Returns (film) BBC1 4pm-6:05pm

The Masked Singer ITV1 6:30pm-8pm

The Great New Year Bake Off Channel 4 7:40pm-9pm

Match of the Day 2 BBC1 10:50pm-11:45pm

Mon 2nd Jan

PDC World Darts Championship Semi finals Sky Sports  7pm-11pm

The Greatest Showman (film)  Channel 4 7pm-9pm

Emmerdale ITV1 7:30pm-8pm

Corrie  ITV1 8pm-9pm

Tues 3rd Jan

PDC World Darts Championship Final time TBC

Emmerdale ITV1 7;30pm-8pm

Corrie ITV1 8pm-9pm

Dogs Behaving Very Badly Channel 5 8pm-9pm

Weds 4th Jan

Emmerdale ITV1 7:30pm-8pm

Corrie 8pm-9pm

Match of the Day BBC1 10:40pm-12:10am

Thurs 5th Jan

Emmerdale ITV1 7:30pm-8:30pm

Dragon’s Den BBC1 8pm-9pm

The Dog House Channel 4 8pm-9pm

The Apprentice BBC1 9pm-10pm

Fri 6th Jan

Emmerdale ITV1 7pm-7:30pm

FA Cup 3rd round Man U V Everton ITV1 7:30pm-10:20pm

Holidaying With Jane McDonald Channel 5 9pm-10pm

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