FREE SUPPORT FOR YORKSHIRE FAMILIES: Skill-sharing, money-saving tips, home hacks and activities – Join our #YFams Community


Skill share, find community support, make friends, promote a cause, share ideas/tips and things to do in our new Yorkshire Families group #YFams. 

Yorkshire Families has set up an online community group to help everyone in Yorkshire to access support, network and most of all to help everyone to make the most out of God’s Own County. 

Here’s what we posted in the Yorkshire Families #YFams group about why we launched sooner than planned… 

Yorkshire Families logo
Yorkshire Families logo

SUPPORT FOR EVERYONE IN OUR COMMUNITIES, PLEASE ADD YOUR FRIENDS: We want to represent and support ALL families (people) in Yorkshire and beyond… we were working on a huge site revamp BUT as time is of the essence and help is needed NOW we have launched our facebook group early where we will be sharing posts on what to do with your family// reducing isolation  // food & essentials sharing (where allowed) and community support // skill sharing // fun and free activities // Keeping active as a family // Money saving tips // Local Neighbourhood communities // Support for local businesses // Campaigns // Learning for all // HELP FOR ALL IN OUR COMMUNITY AS THE SITUATION EVOLVES SO WILL WE… TOGETHER XXX

“A crisis reveals a community” and it can help to create one too…  

We are all one big Yorkshire Family that supports each other regardless of our individual backgrounds or circumstances. We want to create a place where we can enable everyone to get active in their community, support one another and find things to do and places to go/explore/discover. 

We also want to support local charities, organisations, community groups and businesses to shine a light on all of the incredible things that are happening in our area and how to access them. 

There is no judgement just assistance where possible in this peer-to-peer group. Originally it was going to be a food bank finder, community sharing as well as days out and activites hub. But at the moment it is hopefully a vital resource to help each other by lending a hand (digitally), sharing ideas of things to do in lockdown and signposting useful information. 



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