From the ancient alternative therapy of Crystal Healing to letting your Crystal power shine in the form of children’s dolls, I was excited to receive these awesome additions to the toy market. Sorry, ahem, I mean my daughters, not me.. who were equally as ecstatic to receive a Turquoise and Rose Quartz Crystalina Doll. A truly powerful set of dolls inspired by crystals, amulets and alternative therapies.

Ok, I was even more giddy than my two girls aged 9 and 7, who unboxed my new favourite dolls, along with a cameo appearance from my friend’s 4 month old daughter.

Each of the four characters embodies a crystal element from Rose Quartz to Adventurine. Plus an ‘Aura’ which passes back and forth between the doll and there’s also an amulet LED light to make this mystical set that bit more marvellous.

Kids (and parents, in my case) can wear the amulet as a necklace or hook it onto something at home.

All the facts about Crystalina Dolls:

– There are 4 characters to collect: Turquoise (The Sprite of Healing), Rose Quartz (The Sprite of Love), Amethyst (The Sprite of Wisdom), and Adventurine (The Sprite of Luck).

My daughter unboxing with her baby friend

– Magically pass colorful light patterns back and forth from Crystalina doll to wearable amulet necklace.

– Both the doll and amulet have multi color LED’s that change colors and patterns when you shake. Different light patterns mean different things (be courageous, practice kindness).

– Share colors and special light patterns with friends by bringing your dolls or amulets close together.

– Included Mystic moon display stand beautifully displays your doll and amulet for a magical light show!

– Connect additional dolls and necklaces to make all the colour patterns. – There are 4 different dolls, collect them all!


Fresh from a day of writing about Reiki Attunement (as I am qualifying as a practitioner alongside my journalism work), I had already stumbled across some stunning crystals at my teacher’s office.

So when I received the parcel just before school run and it was our dolls I was even more ecstatic after a fully themed day!

I absolutely love the concept and the fact that they can connect, not to mention the interactive side of playing with your peers or siblings (or Mama in my case as I would’ve loved these as a child), and after all we all need communication, community and light in our lives!

The girls all LOVED these dolls, although obviously it’s not a baby toy and suitable for those aged 4+. The different features mean that they are more dynamic and don’t get neglected at the bottom of a toy box.

You can play, wear and share the magic of these ‘healing fairies.’

Watch our unboxing and review video LIVE:

Wanting to learn the art of Crystal Healing? Me too!

Interesting facts about Crystals:

Crystal Healing is believed to balance our energy flow and in a typical Crystal Healing session crystals are placed along the energy line of the body on the ‘chakras,’ aka the power points.

 If you want to DIY some crystal healing at home- you can place/carry crystals with you such as Jade to promote health and clear quartz for healing. You can place them by windows or plants to charge them up. 

Select a crystal you need in your life and experiment with this healing technique. 

Rose Quartz is powerful when worn close to the heart and promotes love. 

Turquoise aligns all chakras and promotes healing. 

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DIY Crystals

Did You Know?

Crystals need to be charged with intent, or with the “mission” you give them! So it can be for protection, self-love, increased intuition etc…

And a crystal absorbs energies so unless you gift it to somebody (and they then need to charge them with their own energy and intent), keep your crystals where no one else can touch them. 

Crystals all have different properties, and can be used in correspondence with the chakras’ colours.


How to Charge Crystals?

Buy them now from B&M and Tesco!

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