THE BEST BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT ACTS 2020: The Great British Variety Show is back on TV

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From Dance Troupes to Magic Marines to a Rock ‘n’ roll Granny… Britain’s Got Talent judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon have had a lot of acts to enjoy and some to endure this year.

Here’s a round-up of our top acts so far… (written by Dan our accessibility correspondent who is part of Yorkshire-based CoActive Arts charity and would normally be sports reporting so he is keeping entertained from Wakefield, West Yorkshire by the hit ITV show instead!)…

Episode 1:

From Dance troupe, sign language act to David Walliams pressed his Golden buzzer, here’s what happened in episode 1:

Nu Crew who were a dance troupe, I liked these as I liked the way they moved differently, they got 4 yeses, and were thorough to the next round. ( Favourite)

Sign along with Us – these were a brother and sister act and some other adults, but the brother of the sister couldn’t speak properly, so they decided to sing and do sign language to the Greatest Showman’s This is Me, they were brilliant, and they got David Walliams’ Golden Buzzer which puts them straight through to the live finals whenever they may be. (Favourite)

So in summary, I would say that some of the acts in this episode were good, whilst others were not, but in general the standard for the first episode was good, as you always want a couple of decent acts to see how the show may progress, and also you know when a decent one comes along that David, Alesha, Amanda or Simon will press their Golden Buzzer.

Episode 2:

From  a Magic marine to an entertainer and to Ant and Dec pressing their Golden Buzzer, here’s what happened in episode 2

James Stott was a Magic marine.  He had 6 tags, he asked Simon Cowell to choose 1 and not reveal to anyone which one it was. He then had a dagger knife, and asked Simon to place it under the bag that corresponded to the tag Simon chose, and using his powers as a marine, he worked out that it was under number 5 as he left that one to last, and he revealed that the knife was there.

His next part was that the 5 plungers on the stage that were connected to the boxes near the judges, Simon then had to release the plungers in order he chose, so he started with number 5, then he chose plunger 2 which let off explosives, then he chose another 1, did same, and finally he chose number 3 and James Stott revealed they were 50/50 from potential disaster, and luckily Simon chose the right one.  I enjoyed this act, as it was magic and danger at same time. He got 4 yeses and got through to the next stage.

Jon Courtenay was a pianist Entertainer, and he sang a song about the history of BGT, I personally thought it was good, and the judges were about to vote when Ant and Dec came down, and pressed the Golden Buzzer which means he’s through to the live shows.

These 2 were 2 of the ones I liked from this episode.

Episode 3 :

From a Tribute act to a singer and Simon Cowell buzzing the singer “booooo”, here’s what happened:

Elite Elton- Tribute act to Elton John, I enjoyed this one but the judges didn’t and he got 4 red buzzers and 4 no’s.

Bhim Naroula was a singer who sang a song called: I want to love you Every day dedicated to his wife, I really enjoyed this act as his song was catchy and 3 of the 4 judges liked it, so he got through to the next stage.

Episode 4:

From mother and daughter singing to the oldest ever contestant and Amanda Holden pressing her Golden Buzzer, here’s what happened

Honey and Sammy were mother and daughter singers and Sammy had been diagnosed with cancer, so they wanted to sing a song together, however Simon didn’t like the song 1sttime, so asked if they could come back later and try again, so they did and they were better, and they got Amanda’s Golden Buzzer, which put them straight through to the live shows.

Nora was a singer who had Alzheimer’s and was the oldest auditionee ever on BGT .  I THOUGHT SHE WAS GOOD, THE JUDGES LIKED HER AND SHE GOT 4 YESES.

Episode 5:

From a dinosaur playing piano to an emotional dog act, here’s what happened

Dario the dinosaur- I liked this one as it was something different that’s never been on BGT before, even Simon liked it and it got 3 yeses.

Miracle the Dog and Amanda- This was a really emotional act, as it showed what Miracle went through which was horrific, and Amanda asked Simon if he could divide the cards into 4 roughly equal piles, and asked him to take 1, and pass 3 to Amanda and so on. Miracle told Amanda which 4 dogs he wanted to take with them to BGT, then Amanda asked the judges which dogs they had chosen, and then it turned out the 4 dogs were the exact ones the judges Miracle chose, and they got 4 yeses.


Episode 6:

From spoon playing brothers to rock n roll grandma , here’s what happened

A few acts I liked from this episode were the Lozkha Brothers as they tricked the judges because they told them they were a danger act, but it turned out they were playing the spoons, I liked it and they got 4 yeses.

Another act I found funny was the magician from Sweden as he did magic with rabbits.

Another good act was Crissy who was the rock n roll grandma and I liked Simon’s comment which was: “I though t you were going to be a really bad comedian, and I’d have to pretend to like you because of your age, but you were really good”.   She got 4 yeses.

My final act I liked was a young girl who couldn’t see properly so Ant had to help her both onto stage and to the piano, and she was really good, the judges liked her and she got 4 yeses.

What are your favourite acts so far? I’d love to know your best and worst of my favourite TV Variety show.

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