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The Britain’s Got Talent semi- finals have been pre-recorded and will air on a Saturday night from 5th September through to the 3rd October, and the final will air on October 10th.   As I know there’s alot of you in Yorkshire who love watching the show, I’d thought I’d give a comprehensive review of who’s into the semi-finals and what categories they’re in. 

The judges for the semi-finals will be:

David Walliams

Alesha Dixon

Amanda Holden

Ashley Banjo (standing in for Simon who broke his back, so can’t take part in judging)

This review is by our accessibility reporter and Britain’s Got Talent fan Dan Crossfield.

On Sunday August 30th 2020, BGT came back on the TV for a catch-up show, and the judges deciding who they wanted to progress to the semi-finals. They did this by re-watching acts and saying if they’d think they’d go further if they put them through, then near the end they had to put who they wanted on the wall, and finally gave people who got through a phone call saying they were through.

Obviously most of the acts who the judges said yes to didn’t make it through, as they could only send 40 through.

Here’s the people that made it through to the semi-finals, I’ll then divide them into categories and give my thoughts of them from their audition, then when the semi-finals come, I’ll see if my opinions changed or not:

Aaron & Jasmine (Dance Duo)

Aidan McCann  (Magician)

Allan Finnegan   (stand-up Comedian)

Amanda & Miracle   (Magic  Act)

Belinda Davids        (Singer)

Beth Porch              (Singer & Guitarist)

Bhim Niroula           (Singer & Entertainer)

Billy & Chantelle      (Dance Duo)

Chineke Junior Orchestra     (Orchestra)

Class Dynamix                        (Choir)

The Coven         (Dance Troupe)

Crissy Lee    (Drummer)

Damien O’Brien (Magician)

Dario the Dinosaur (DJ)

Ember Trio     (String trio)

Fayth Ifil (Singer and Simon’s Golden Buzzer)

Hakan Berg    (Bird Magician)

Honey & Sammy    (Singers and Amanda’s Golden Buzzer)

Imen Siar    (Singer)

James & Dylan Piper    ( Magicians)

James Stott   (Stunt Magician)

Jasper Cherry (Magician)

Jon Courtenay (Comic Singer & Pianist and Ant and Dec’s GB)

Katherine and Joe O’Malley (Singer & Tap Dancer)

Kevin Quantum (Stunt Magician)

Magical Bones (Magician)

Myra Dubois (Stand-up Comedian)

Nabil Abdulrashid (Stand Up comedian and Alesha’s GB)

Papi Flex (Contortionist)

Shalom Chorale (Gospel Choir)

Sign Along with us   (Sign Language Choir and David’s GB)

Sirine Jahangir (Singer & Pianist)

The soldiers of Swing (Jazz Singing Duet)

SOS From the Kids (Choir)

Souparnika Nair (Musical Theatre Singer)

Steve Royle (Comic Juggler)

Urban Turtles (Dance Troupe)

Wesley Williams (Unicyclist)

X1X Crew (Acrobatic Dance Troupe)

Yakub (Dancer)

Here’s the categories each fall into and my initial thoughts on them from auditions :


Aidan McCann – I Thought he was really good

Amanda and Miracle – I thought this was really moving, as it told the story of what Miracle had been through.

Damien O’Brien  – I thought he was really good, as he asked judges to think of a special date from their lives, then asked David to put some personal details in, then it came up with 7,1059 which is Simon’s birthday. Was amazing how he did it.

Hakan Berg – I thought he was crazy but funny at the same time.

James & Dylan Piper – It was a father and son act, and it was magical how they managed to get Simon’s playing card folded up in a wallet, a big card said five of hearts but turned round it said Simon &Eric, it was just really good.

James Stott – This was a dangerous one, as he was an ex marine, and he used that to get Simon to choose plunger boxes one but one, and then at the end it was 50-50 as to whether the act would survive or not, but Simon chose the right one.  It was dangerous but good.

Jasper Cherry –  He was good, as he used a handkerchief & an egg, and at the end of the act cracked the egg, so it was a real egg.

Kevin Quantum – He was good, what he did was set some cannonballs on fire, and attempted to walk through them without getting struck, but he said at the end that it went wrong.

Magical Bones   -He was good, as he got into a box, was locked in it, and then somehow a woman came out of the box, and Magical Bones was standing near the judges.  I was thinking “How the hell did he get there?”


Belinda Davids – She sang a Whitney Houston song, she was OK but not my cup of tea.

Beth Porch –  She was good, as she sang about what she’s learnt from her patient s on the ward etc.

Bhim Niroula   – I really liked him, as his song was catchy as it was a long song for his partner.

Class Dynamix    –   Simon went to a school to say they were on BGT, their song was about anti-bullying, it got a message across, they were good.

Honey & Sammy (Amanda’s Golden Buzzer)  – These 2 were mum & Daughter and the mum has had cancer, Simon asked if they could come back later that day as he didn’t like the first song, so they did and were much better 2nd time round, and Amanda gave them a Golden Buzzer.

Imen Siar – She was good as she made a song her own like an original.

Jon Courtenay (Ant & Dec’s GB)  –  He was really good, funny as he sang about the history of BGT.

Katherine & Joe O’Malley   – They were OK, but not my cup of tea as Joe was dressed as a crab.

Shalom Ghorale  – These were OK, as they were passionate about what they were singing.

Sign Along with Us (DavId’s GB)    – This act were all abouta brother and sister, the brother couldn’t communicate properly, but his sister taught him sign language,  there was about 30 of them came on, and sang the Greatest showman This is Me through the form of sign language.

 Sirine Jahangir  – This girl was good, she was blind but was a good singer.

The soldiers of Swing   –  They were good, sang come Amore and had fun singing it as they were singing it, but Simon didn’t like it,  but they sang a 2nd song and that went down much better with  the judges.

SOS From the Kids –  These kids were good, as their song was all about saving the planet.

Souparnika Nair   –  She was good, as she sang the Greatest showman’s Never enough. She started quiet, but she hit a big note near the end.

Fayth Ilil  (Simon’s GB)   – She was also really good as she sang Tina Turner’s Proud Mary, she had fun while doing it, which always helps. Simon was impressed, as she gave her the Golden Buzzer. 


Aaron and Jasmine   –   These were good, as they trusted each other which is the key with dance acts.

Billy & Chantelle     –  These 2 were good as they were friends, they had a good rapport with each other which means they knew what each other were doing. 

The Coven     –  This was a scary act, not my type of act at all as were creepy when they were dancing.

Urban Turtles      – These were funny but were actually good dancers because  wouldn’t think turtles could dance.

X1X Crew    These were good dancers, and especially good when they lifted each other onto each other , and fell down but luckily they caught each other-

Yakub    –  He was really good.


Allan Finnegan  –   I thought he was good, as he made people laugh which is the key for comedians.

Myra Dubois    –   she was OK, but not really my cup of tea.

Nabil Abdulrashid    (Alesha’s golden Buzzer) –  He was OK, I didn’t particularly find him funny but Alesha did as she pressed her Golden Buzzer.


Chineke Junior Orchestra   – These were good, as all they used were trumpets to play songs, which is something different.

Crissy Lee  – I thought she was good as she played the drums hard, and to a song I knew and a couple I didn’t know.

Dario the Dinosaur   –  This was a weird one but I liked it, as it proves dinosaurs aren’t extinct and he played some good  songs.

Ember Trio   – I didn’t really get these as they were just playing string instruments, which is OK but not really my type of act.

Papi Flex   – He was creepy, as he’s a contortionist which means he walks in a weird way , didn’t really like it.

Steve Royle   – I liked this one as he did a lot of funny things including juggling balls from his mouth and doing something with a guitar.

Wesley Williams – He was a unicyclist, but not any old unicyclist, a really tall unicyclist and he had to ride all around the stage on his big unicycle without falling off, he nearly did but he made it to the ladder, I just thought he was good and again something different.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my review of who’s made it through to the semi-finals, what categories they’re in, and my initial thoughts.

What I’ll do next is when each semi-final airs, I’ll say which acts were in that particular semi-final, what the judges thought, my thoughts and see if my original opinions have changed , and who gets into the final.

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