EXERCISING AT HOME: Fitness Tips for adults with or without kids to get active


We normally love outdoor adventures as a family to keep fit and active but sometimes this is not possible with weather, finance, motivation and many other barriers. All is not lost however as we have some fitness tips to keep active at home.

– Dance at home: Put on some music and have a disco. If you live with others or have kids take it in turn to select a song or be DJ and maybe even have a dance off… a bit of competition in our house always boosts our level of dance fitness!

– Make obstacle courses around the house or in the garden if you have one and the weather allows.

– Keep fit whilst doing the chores: I often hold a squat whilst washing up or lunge whilst hoovering or do squats whilst waiting for the kettle to boil.

– If you have young kids use them to as weights! We do sit ups together or a game called ‘flyer’ where I make them fly on my legs whilst doing crunches for my abs.

– Access free online workouts from Joe Wicks on YouTube for the kids to my own dance at home fitness playlist on YouTube.com/sophiemeilan for adults. Or we have a Women’s Health Club on facebook called Squats and Sparkles but there’s lots of other ones too. There’s also lots of free workouts on instagram too.

– Download the Move GB app to keep fit at home with live workouts, dance classes, yoga and fitness programmes bit.ly/mamameiblog (affiliate link)

– Keep motivated and read blogs such as Just Average Jen who shares her list of top things to do at home for other adults wanting to keep fit and loose weight: https://www.justaveragejen.com/weight-loss-exercise

Most of all HAVE FUN! I love doing something active first thing so my brain doesn’t have time to persuade me out of it… it always boosts my mood and doesn’t have to cost anything. Even if you have kids and they don’t join in at first… eventually they will or at least they’re picking up on positive things to do at home!

What’s your favourite thing to do to keep active at home? Chat to us on facebook and twitter @yorkshirefamilies and @yorkshirefams on instagram.

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