RAINY DAY IDEAS FOR FAMILIES: What to do with Kids in the holidays

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Stuck with ideas of what to do a home with the kids? Then we have some top tips, ideas and family activities for you to try.

Our top free things to do this half-term are…

1) They could learn how to draw a pumpkin, as it’ll be Halloween at the end of the half-term week- All they’ll need for this is a piece of paper, a pen or pencil and ideally a pumpkin so they can copy.

2) They could make a indoor den where they could bring their teddies in for a storytime.

3) You could get them playing games with you such as: charades, scrabble or monopoly.

4) Art and crafts ideas 

5) Jigsaws 

But don’t just take our word for it, we asked some top influencers what they do to keep their children and family entertained – cheap and free!:

  • Hollie Ann said: “I love making indoor dens with my sons and bringing all their teddies into the den for a storytime.” www.thriftymum.com
  • Shelley Whittaker said: “A picnic on the living room floor whilst watching all the Disney classics 🙂 Dressed in princess costumes or loungewear, whatever your preference!”
  • www.wanderandluxe.com.au
  • Alice Megan Beaumont recommended Jigsaws! She said: “It’s a hobby everyone can get involved with and you can complete it as a family plus it’s the perfect indoor job.”
  • www.Aliceinsheffield .com

.Carron Cummings recommended: “Family games night, board games, heads up, Charades, scrabble and monopoly”.

.Missie CinDz said: “Family recipes and creative crafts or games are always great activities in our house!”

. Tina Harvey had a few ideas such as: ” Blank canvas and paints, Polymer clay modelling, baking, talent show”.


. Eddie Pitt said: “We love playing knockout games of Mario kart or just dance on the Wii or the switch. Family movie time, board games and puzzles. Baking together is good too, depends how it goes with 4/5 kids at home”.


. Lucy Wright said: “Lots of walking the dog,crafting and baking yummy cakes”


. Josie Cornhill said: ” My children really love what we call a “nostalgia day” where we look through their baby boxes, our memory boxes and old photos, both of them and of mummy and daddy when they were younger. We sometimes even get my wedding dress out to try on”. https://businessformums.co.uk

. Sophie Mei Lan recommended: ” I keep it simple and say my paper folded snowflakes at Christmas are now a craft to make webs at Halloween! Just cut and fold the paper to make the snowflakes. I am a simple crafter parent mamamei.co.uk / yorkshirefamilies.co.uk

. Lauren Porter recommended: ” Planning a party (It can be for any reason, e.g. this half term would be Halloween)! We make a music playlist on Spotify/YouTube, plan out themed snacks & bake those, make decorations to put up & write invitations 🙂 Can take a couple of days to plan out which is ideal for being at home!” sophiesnursery.com

. Emma Hutchinson suggested: ” We love to decorate biscuits. Depending on how much coffee I’ve had, we either make them from scratch or use ones straight out of the packet. All you need is some icing, a few sprinkles and a lot of imagination.

We’ve done everything from dinosaur footprints to bear claws via the whole sprinkle rainbow”!

. Arthur Wears says create an indoor obstacle course or get crafty and create sensory pouches: https://www.arthurwears.com/2020/03/play-ideas-for-when-youre-stuck-at-home.html?fbclid=IwAR2jAzloH3ICESCiE035DyAyWxSMOhdrDZ0YpcI30GAnJd6gc22U_GNKrCc “

. Robbie Meechan recommended: ” We make action movies recorded on my phone. First we decide everyone’s parts and what’s going to happen (usually something involving explosions and giant robots). Then we get dressed up and get filming! It’s great because after we’ve finished we turn off the lights, grab some popcorn and watch ourselves on the TV starring in a daft movie”!


. Nina Spencer sugested: ” I love to plan a little spooky themed party for the end of the last day of term. We have music, food, facepaints and dress up too. It’s a great way to end the school half term”.


“Or try anything from treasure hunts to campfire cooking, says Craft Invaders” https://craftinvaders.co.uk/10-activities-to-get-the-kids-outside-this-holiday/?fbclid=IwAR2aaBx6jE77Ogj27EIP60PVLMYqiUCmuNUIUnbFTdiV155T27vgSzCOrTY

. Kate Davis suggested: ” We like to play board games. On days with no plans we’ll all pick out one or two games and see how many we can play https://www.darktea.co.uk/blog/board-games-for-kids/

. Amy Downes recommended: ” We love setting up a home cinema day… for Mother’s Day during lockdown, we printed out a poster with a choice of films and we made tickets too. Then we got some popcorn and ‘pimped it up’ by adding M and Ms, chocolate buttons and other sweeties. Such a lovely time watching Frozen 2 together! www.mumfullofdreams.com

What are your free favourite activities to do at home?

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