Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway series review Episode 3

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Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway has been enjoyable to watch so far this year, even with the changes, here’s what’s happened in Episode 3

Saturday 6th March 2021 – Episode 3

The star guest announcer for episode 3 was Hollywood star Rob Delaney and he explained what was coming up on this weeks show,  then he introduced Ant and Dec, and the episode began with Sir Tom Jones singing from his latest album with a song called  No holes in my head.

The Takeaway Rainbow was lit up from the studio to a mystery location to be revealed later in the show.

Saturday Night at the Movies game

The first game this week was called “Saturday Night at the Movies” which was played by Rob Delaney. The aim of this game was that some of the viewers were given a list of films and they had to act them out using things around the house, and if Rob got one right the family would win £250, two right they’d win £500 and if he got all three right, he would win them a Takeaway Getaway.

The first family were called the Compton Family and Rob managed to guess 2 right so they won £500.

The second family were called the Ramshaw family, and Rob managed to guess all three right so won them a Takeaway Getaway.

The 3rd and final family were called the Allen-Vercoe family and Rob managed to guess all three right so he also won them a Takeaway Getaway.

“Double Trouble

There’s a video for this bit at the end as can’t explain it, but it’s a Saturday Night Takeawy film about Ant and Dec being cloned.

 Before the break, it was time for Ant v Dec and Stephen Mulhern explained the task for this week which was fencing, but a different type of fencing. 

Ant v Dec

 In this version of fencing, there’s a runner and a spotter,  the runner must sneak around the course and hit the button without getting caught. If they’re caught,  the spotter got one point, if the runner doesn’t get spotted they got one point, if they got all the way to the button without getting caught, they got 3 points.  

They had 5 runs and only 30 seconds to run, whoever the most points had won.

The winner this week was  Dec with 7 points to 3, so it’s one-one in the series so far.

I’m a Celebrity…. get out of me Ear

In part four,  it was the latest I’m a celebrity… get out of me ear and this week’s victim was Davina McCall.  Ant and Dec invented a pretend fitness app for Davina and got some unsuspecting gym members to do some classes, but there was no app.

In part five,  it was time for the Takeaway Rainbow location to be revealed and this week it was at a castle in Wales, and the person who spotted it was called  Michelle and she won a Takeaway Getaway.

Win The Ads

Cartoon Ant and Dec did their running, and it was carton Dec who chose a lady called Nasim.

Just like last week’s contestant, Nasim had 75 seconds to answer as many questions from the week’s news as possible, if she got a question right she could choose a number.  She got 6 questions right, which meant six prizes.  Also like last week, we wouldn’t know which prizes they were until after she’d chosen to stay or play.

She decided to stay and it was revealed that the prizes she’d won were :


A year’s supply of Jaffa Cakes

Disney Subscription and phone

£5000 to spend at Moonpig

Parkdean Resorts holiday

Tui holiday (when allowed)

Then Dec asked her the question anyway just to see if she’d known for fun, she said the wrong answer so she did the right thing by sticking.

End of the Show Show

The final part of the show was The End of the Show Show with Tom Jones, Tom and Jerry (cartoon) and Ant and Dec.

Here’s a video of  this:

Another fun-filled entertaining episode of an really enjoyable show.

Three episodes down, four to go for this year.

Here’s some videos of things I mentioned in the show that were hard to explain in more detail:

Double Trouble – episode 2:

Ant v Dec: Fencing –

I’m a celebrity….. get out of me ear:  Davina McCall – 

Keep reading for more episode reviews throughout the rest of the series, I hope you’re enjoying it.

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