Featherstone Rovers v York City Knights Match report by Daniel Crossfield (a dedicated flatcapper watching at the stadium)


Featherstone Rovers v  York City Knights  Betfred Championship Round 17  (Saturday 14th August 2021)

This was a repeat of the 1895 Cup final in round 17 of the Betfred Championship on a Saturday teatime.

York had come into this on the back of back to back wins, but could Rovers continue their excellent recent form and get another win over York?

It was played at the Millennium Stadium

1st York try

After 2 minutes, after Featherstone tried to get ball out wide, York had their 1st set, and got it out wide to Jones-Bishop who scored in the corner, even though Hall tried to stop him, unsuccessful conversion.

Two minutes later, after Rovers kicked off York dropped the ball and Rovers had their 1st set, but couldn’t make anything of it.

2nd York try

After 7 minutes, York won a couple of penalties and from the 2nd penalty they again worked the ball well, and scored out wide again through Jones-Bishop , unsuccessful conversion.

1st Rovers try

After 12 minutes, Featherstone woke up and they did a couple of quick breaks they got it out wide, and Blackmore score in surner, successful conversion from Hall.

2nd Featherstone try

At the midway point of the first half, rovers did some more quick play the balls and on the last tackle, Harrison latched onto a pass to score over the line, successful conversion from Hall, and Rovers edged ahead.

Sinbin for Chisholm

4 minutes later, there was a head high tackle by Chisholm and he got 10 minutes in the sinbin.

3rd York try

Seven minutes before halftime, York went back in front as York forced a dropout, then Spears got to within 10m of the line, and from that Johnson scored under the sticks, successful conversion from Johnsoin.

Two minutes later, York again dropped the ball from kickoff and had to droput, but Rovers didn’t make anything of it.

3rd Rovers try

Just before halftime,  Rovers went back in front as a high kick went up in the air, and Walker leapt highest and got the ball down, successful conversion from Hall.

Halftime score:  Featherstone Rovers 18-14 York City Knights

4th Featherstone try

After 45 minutes, it was a decent start to the 2nd half and rovers scored through Walker, as they worked the ball out wide and Walker scored his 2nd try, unsuccessful conversion from Hall.

5th Fev try

Four minutes later, a well-worked try for rovers as they kicked it through and Hall scored in the left corner, which took his total career points to over 1,700 points and his 200th career try, successful conversion from Hall.

6th Rovers try

After 56 minutes, an easy try for rovers as they worked it wide and Hall scored in corner, successful conversion from Hall.

7th Feath try

Just after the hour mark, another easy try for Rovers as York tried to get it out wide and Hall intercepted and scored an easy try in the corner, unsuccessful conversion from Hall.

With ten minutes left, Ferres did a nice chip and chase but Rovers forced a dropout.

8th Rovers try

With 9 minutes left, Rovers scored their final try as they hit the 40 mark again as Hall scored again in the corner, successful conversion from Hall.

Fulltime score:  Featherstone Rovers 44-14 York City Knights

A scratchy first half performance by Rovers but a much better 2nd half as they nilled York in the 2nd half.

Rovers remain 2nd in the Championship table on 28 points.

Next for Featherstone is another home game against Dewsbury Rams on Sunday 22nd August 3pm kickoff.

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