Uncover the History, Tools and Training methods of Ninja in a Live Online Experience

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While you can’t go on days out in Yorkshire just yet, the next best thing is an online Ninja Experience.

A Virtual Tour in a Historical City
Odawara city in Japan once served as a base of operations for the famous Fuma Ninja clan, and the area has now begun bringing the history, training and philosophy of Ninja back to life. Streaming live from the Ninja Hall on the grounds of Odawara Castle, experts in the culture of the iconic covert warriors will be sharing their knowledge with worldwide audiences in an exclusive Online Ninja Experience (ONE).

Accessible for both English and Japanese speakers, these events will feature guidance from a currently practicing Ninjutsu Sensei and promises to connect viewers with the real world of Ninjitsu and its practitioners.

Discover the Ninja Clan of Odawara
The image of Ninja has become almost mythical both abroad and in Japan, but many of the films and TV which feature these characters contain real historical tools, weapons and examples of Ninjitsu.

Around 500 years ago Odawara Castle was a center of power for the Hojo Clan, and the Fuma Ninja Clan was vital in helping them extend their rule to the Tokyo area and beyond. Even today many businesses and festivals in the coastal city have roots which extend back to this era of samurai and warring states.

Authentic Teachings from a Practicing Ninja
Speaking live from the Ninja Hall on the grounds of Odawara Castle, genuine Ninjutsu Sensei Hiroshi Jinkawa will be separating reality from fiction, explaining exactly
what training a Ninja would go through and how their incredible skills would be used gather information and avoid the need for conflict. Jinkawa Sensei is a wellknown scholar and practitioner of the Ninja arts, and has been working as an ambassador of the field for many
years, communicating with both students and media
After learning about the rich history of the castle, guests at the online event will be introduced to practices which were vital to the activities of ancient Ninja.
Specialised techniques for breathing and movement, as well codes of behaviour and even philosophy and meditation methods will be included in the tour. Jinkawa Sensei will also be presenting the Shinobi Rokugu, a set of tools which would be essential in the work of the Fuma Ninja clan

About The Online Ninja Experience
The Online Ninja Experience is held on selected Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am and 22:00pm (GMT).
The session will be around 40 minutes.
Participation fee is 1,500 JPY (£10.50) per person.
After making a reservation on the official website, the URL link of the Facebook private group will be sent to the registered email address. Please join the private group before the event and access the Facebook group on the day of booking.


Official Website

Below are tips on ninja breathing , how to act like a ninja and a ninja fact:

Different types of Ninja breathing

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