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Here’s my review of the 17th Series of Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway so far

This series of Saturday Night Takeaway would be very different of course it would due to Covid, but that doesn’t mean Ant and Dec can’t still make people happy on a Saturday night, and it would be action-packed.  Here’s what’s happened in the 1st episode of Series 17:

Saturday 27th February 2021 – Episode 2

Episode 2 started with Rag n Bone Man singing a song, called All I ever Wanted  and Ant and Dec being silly as they tried to light the Takeaway Rainbow but it didn’t work but did eventually, but they got back to the studio just in time to say Thanks to him, and to introduce the Star Guest Announcer for this week Gordon Ramsay.

Next was the return of Read My Lips. This game was all about Gordon Ramsay trying to read what some viewers were saying and they would all be foods from around the world , but he had headphones in so he would be able to hear them hence why it’s called Read my Lips and each player had 30 seconds to say as many words as possible,  if he managed to get one word right, they would win £250, two right they’d win £500 and if he got three right, they’d win a Takeaway Getaway.

The first contestant was called Jamie and Gordon managed to get one right so Jamie won £250, contestant two was called  Laura, Gordon got 2 right so she won £500, player three was called Rizwan , Gordon got 1 right so he won £250, They had time to do one more which was Mala and she got £0 as Gordon didn’t get any of hers right.

In Part two, The Happiest Minute of the Week was here again and more deserving viewers got a Takeaway Getaway.  Then the first episode of “Double Trouble” aired which was a Saturday Night Takeaway film where Ant and Dec got cloned.  I’ll include a video of this at the end.

Then in Part 3, the return of Singalong Live where three viewers from three different families had to go out on their doorsteps and sing a missing word from a karaoke classic. The classic this time was from the musical 9 to 5 so the song was nine to five.

The first viewer was called Dionne Rey but unfortunately she  didn’t get the missing word right, so she won no money, the second contestant was called Gary Mcilwraith, and unfortunately he didn’t get the missing word so he also won no money.  Contestant three was Karen Wilson, and she did the right word so she won £500.

In part 4, this was Undercover as Ant and Dec were dressed up as pandas to persuade kids to do naughty tasks .  Again I’ll include a video of this as that will explain more.

In part 5, it was revealed that the Takeaway Rainbow was Chatham in Kent and Fleur East went on knocked on the person who spotted it and gave them a Takeaway Getaway. Dec then said they had a Singalong Live update, they’d reviewed the footage and because they were feeling generous Dionne got the melody totally wrong, but she did get the word right so she won £500, but Gary made a mess of the whole thing, but was still getting nothing.

Then they moved onto Win the Ads. The contestant was playing for the contents of the ad breaks from The Chase.  Cartoon Ant and Dec did their running, and it was carton Dec who chose a lady called Adele.

Just like last week, Adele had 75 seconds to answer as many questions from the week’s news as possible, if she got a question right she could choose a number.  She got six questions right, which meant six prizes. Also like last week, we wouldn’t know which prizes they were until after she’d chosen to stay or  play.

She decided to play and it was revealed that the prizes she’d already won were:

The car



Vax smart wash

Disney + subscription and Samsung tablet

£600 at Dominos

Ant and Dec asked her 1 more question, the correct answer she’d go away with all 16 prizes, the wrong answer and she’d go away with nothing.

She got the answer correct which meant she went away with all 16 priozes

The final part of the show this week was the End of the Show Show with Rag n bone man singing Giants and it ended with Ant and Dec upside down.

Another fun-filled, entertaining, escapism show.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my reviews so far, 2 down 5 to go

Here’s some of the clips of some of the things I’ve included in the blog:

Double Trouble:


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