Britain’s Got Talent semi-final two Review

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This week was semi-final 2 of the greatest variety show in the world Britain’s Got Talent, which included Class Dynamix the choir from Leeds, West Yorkshire.

This review is by our accessibility reporter and Britain’s Got Talent fan Dan Crossfield.

The second semi-final of this year’s Britain’s got Talent aired on Saturday 12th September, and here’s which acts performed:

Allan Finnegan  (Comedian)

Class Dynamix  (Choir)

Amanda & Miracle (Magic Dog Act)

The Coven (Dancers)

Damien O’Brien (Magician)

Honey & Sammy  (Singers)

Souparnika Nair (Singer)

Aaron & Jasmine   (Dancers)

Below are the order they appeared in the semi-final and my thoughts on their performance.

Souparnika Nair- I thought she was very good and very confident for a ten year old singer.

Damien O’Brien – He asked the judges for a career highlight, and if they could give an exact date of that highlight, and then he revealed there was a box where he wrote his predictions for what he thought the judges may say, and on the paper was exactly what the judges said, and then lastly he wrote on a piece of card the word “Incredible “ which is what Ashley said it felt like when he performed, it was OK I thought, maybe not as good as previous magicians.

Class Dynamix – I thought it was a decent performance as again due to the guidelines, they had to record their performance in Leeds where they’re from and the message this time was about believing in yourself.

Allan Finnegan – He started off OK but then he started telling jokes about funerals and things which during a global pandemic probably not the  wisest move, and therefore I thought it was a poor performance from a comedian.

Amanda & Miracle- I was looking forward to this one to see what they would do this time, but felt a little let down as Amanda wanted to portray the moment she first met Miracle, but this time was using a mannequin dog as Miracle, and only at the end did the real Miracle appeared from behind a curtain.

Aaron & Jasmine – These two were very good, technique was good as well, and an all-round good performance.

Honey & Sammy – These two had good vocals, a good chemistry as they’re mum and daughter and they did Amanda proud as they were her golden buzzer.

The Coven – This was scary and theatrical which I didn’t really like and can’t really say too much more.

So then the judges had to confer and come up with their top three from the night, and they chose:

Souparnika Nair

Aaron & Jasmine

The Coven

David went for Aaron & Jasmine, Alesha went for the Coven, Ashley went for the Coven and Amanda went for Aaron & Jasmine and because it was 2-2, Aaron & Jasmine went through and won the semi final

The other five were put into the public vote, then the judges all had to name the act they wanted to get through to the final,

David went for Aaron & Jasmine, Alesha went for the Coven, Ashley went for the Coven and Amanda went for Aaron & Jasmine and because it was 2-2 and Amanda went for Aaron & Jasmine , they  went through and won the semi- final.

This meant that Souparnika Nair and the Coven also went into the public vote which closes at 10am Monday morning, and again we won’t find out the identity of the winner of the public vote until the final.


I would say semi- final two was a mixed bag, some good performances, some poor performances.  Also there was again just one act from Yorkshire in this semi-final, they were Class Dynamix from Leeds.

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