Britain’s Got Talent semi-final three Review

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This week was semi-final three of the greatest variety show in the world Britain’s Got Talent.

The third semi-final of this year’s Britain’s got Talent aired on Saturday 19th September, and here’s which acts performed, unfortunately none of the acts this week were from Yorkshire:

Bhim Niroula (Singer)

Dario the Dinosaur (Variety)

Ember Trio (String Trio)

Magical Bones (Magician)

Myra Dubois (Comedian)

Sign Along with Us (Choir)

Sirine Jahangir (Singer)

X1X Crew (Dance Troupe)

Below are the order they appeared in the semi-final and my thoughts on their performance.

Myra Dubois – She tried but she wasn’t very funny in my opinion, which is not great as you want to have a laugh at a comedian, she even got Amanda involved.

Magical Bones – This one is a difficult one to explain, he started with a dance and then he opened a door and said “This illusion is called the great Door Mystery, and then a lady appeared when he clicked his fingers.  And then he did his thing again where he said” This illusion is called the great Door Mystery,  and then apparently his girlfriend was on the technology, but somehow appeared out of the door when he said Now, he was good and confident. You may have to watch the video to understand more.

Ember Trio– They were OK, they were confident playing their string instruments but a little bit boring in my opinion as it was only playing string instruments and nothing else but they were OK.

Sign Along with Us – I was looking forward to these performing , and they were absolutely brilliant, song choices were good, the sister kissed her brother which was moving, and they did David proud as they were his golden buzzer.

Dario the Dinosaur–   I liked this one it was funny , he did get two buzzes from David and Alesha who didn’t like it, Amanda wanted to buzz him, but she didn’t.  It was something different which is good.

Sirine Jahangir– She was confident as she plays the piano and sings as well , she had a little wobble at the end of the performance as she had a few tears, but she was OK afterwards. She did well as well, as she lost her vision a few years ago.

X1X Crew – These were good as it was an exciting performance , the judges gave them a standing ovation and they performed in India due to the government guidelines.

Bhim Niroula – I thought he was energetic, he did the same song as his audition but a remix this time which perhaps is why Amanda buzzed him, Alesha and Ashley thought the remix wasn’t needed and he should have just sung it like he did in audition, David liked it though and I did as well.

So then the judges had to confer and come up with their top three from the night, and they chose:

Magical Bones

X1X Crew

Sirine Jahangir

David chose Magical Bones, Alesha chose Magical Bones, Ashley Banjo also chose Magical Bones so that sent Magical bones through to the final. It didn’t matter but Amanda would have chosen Sirine.

That means the acts who have to go into the public vote were:

Dario the Dinosaur

Bhim Niroula

Sign Along with Us (surprisingly)

Myra Dubois

Ember Trio

X1X Crew

Sirine Jahangir

Again like the other semi-finals, the public vote is open until 10am on Monday morning and again we won’t find out the public vote winner until the final.

In summary, I would say there was some really good performances in this semi final particularly Sign Along with us and Sirine Jahangir, and some poor acts like the dinosaur.

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