The raw power of the human story in its bare simplicity. A gripping intertwining of monologues reflecting the light and shades of humanity and periods of time. Infusing the power of story telling in its rawest yet most powerful way. 
The perfect reflection of 50 years of theatre at its best at one of the most accessible cultural HQs I’ve ever connected with… Leeds Playhouse is back open and with true Yorkshire grit, skill and a down-to-earth powerful reminder of how much we need and have missed witnessing theatre in its true glory whether that be inside the theatre or online…
Join them from 19–29 May live at the Playhouse or online from 24 May – 5 June for DECADES: STORIES FROM THE CITY, six monologues specially commissioned from northern writers to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Playhouse.

A Leeds Playhouse productionWritten by Simon Armitage, Leanna Benjamin, Kamal Kaan, Alice Nutter, Maxine Peake and Stan OwensDirected by James Brining, Amy Leach, Sameena Hussain, Evie Manning, Tess Seddon and Amanda Huxtable

Writers Simon Armitage, Leanna Benjamin, Kamal Kaan, Alice Nutter, Maxine Peake and Stan Owens, who all have strong connections to the Playhouse, have each taken a particular decade from across the Playhouse’s lifespan covering the 1970s to the 2020s as their inspiration, creating a diverse collection of stories firmly rooted in the North.

The cast comprises Connor Elliott (THE BODYGUARD by Simon Armitage), Cassie Layton (AND AFTER WE SAILED A THOUSAND SKIES by Kamal Kaan), Akiel Dowe (PIE IN THE BUS STOP by Stan Owens), Nicole Botha (THE UNKNOWN by Leanna Benjamin), Isobel Coward (NICER THAN ORANGE SQUASH by Alice Nutter) and Eva Scott (DON’T YOU KNOW IT’S GOING TO BE ALRIGHT by Maxine Peake).

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