I’m a Celebrity 2021 roundup of the last 2 episodes of the series  

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For the last 3 weeks I’m a Celebrity has been on our teles again nearly every night, there were 3 nights it couldn’t get shown due to Storm Arwen, but that couldn’t be helped. 

I’m only going to tell you what happened in the  penultimate episode and the final, as it would take me ages to go through each episode:

Saturday 11th December Episode 18 

This episode is the one that excites me every year as its the world famous Celebrity Cyclone and the final four get dressed as superheroes and had to make their way to Ant and Dec who explained what the Cyclone was and they had to decide what order they went in so they decided David 1st, Frankie 2nd, Simon 3rd and Danny 4th. They had to give David a push to get onto his star marker, then the rest made it onto their star markers, then the water and balls came down fast, and as always it pushed them back to the ballpit, so they had to try their hardest to get back onto the markers before the time ran out and they managed it.  

Their final meal together was pheasant, before Ant and Dec announced that David was this year’s 4th place celebrity.

Sunday 12th December 2021- the Final 

As always in the final, the final three have to endure one last trial, Danny was on starters, Simon was on mains and Frankie was on desserts. So Danny was 1st, and his trial was called Fill your face and what he had to do was sit on the chair with his helmet on and every 2 minute some castle critters would be put into the helmet, the first 3 stars were for 3 starters, the 4th star was for a drink and the 5th star was a treat for him, he had 10 minutes to complete it and he did it. 

Danny Fills His Face! | I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – YouTube 


Next was Simon for the mains and his trial was called the Frightening Feast and again there were 5 stars on offer, the 1st 3 were for main courses for him and his other 2 campmates, the 4th star was for a drink and the 5th star was for a treat of his choice. I can’t repeat the things Simon ate as they were rude, but anyway he completed it so they had starters and mains, could Frankie complete the trio?

Simon tucks into a Frightening Feast | I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – YouTube 


Finally it was Frankie’s turn to do her final ever trial, and again five stars on offer: the 1st 3 for desserts for all 3 campmates, the 4th for a drink and the 5th for a treat of her choice, and her last ever trial was called the Tomb of Doom and what she had to do was lie in a tomb, which would then be pushed back into a chamber and then there were snakes that came into it, and by the end of it she had 40 snakes in there with her, and the last 2 minutes were in complete darkness.  

She did extremely well and won all 5 stars, so that meant that all three campmates had staters, mains and desserts for their last ever camp meal. 

Then Ant and Dec went into the camp and revealed that the 3rd placed celebrity in this year’s I’m a Celebrity was Frankie, then she had an interview with Ant and Dec and she was proud of herself for what she’d achieved in the camp.

Next, they showed a montage of the best bits of I’m a Celebrity 2021 The Best Bits of 2021! | I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! – YouTube 


The penultimate part was the final two Danny and Simon leaving camp for the final time, and they had an interview with Ant and Dec and both said that being King of the Castle would be good for either of them. 

The final part was the celebrities who were voted off were all shown on video calls and there was Frankie who was sitting down in the studio, along with Danny and Simon, and then the moment we’d all been waiting for arrived, and Ant and Dec revealed that the winner of I’m a Celebrity 2021 and the first ever King of the Castle was Danny. He was surprised as he thought he wouldn’t survive the first couple of voteoffs, and because Giovanna wasn’t there to give the crown to him, Frankie had to do the honours. 

In a previous blog, I did say that this year’s bunch would have to go some to match last year’s and  I felt this year’s campmates were good but there were a couple more arguments and more tension this year, than last year, but it was still in my opinion a good series even though they had three nights off due to the Storm.  

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