Young reporters club and why writing is good for mental health

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Do you know a budding young reporter or author? From January 2022, there is a new reporters club in the Sparkle Studio HQ on the lower ground floor of the Ridings at The Yard that they can join. It’s a club for those who love writing or ever fancied themselves as a author or a journalist and there will be a chance to get your work published. There will also be holiday clubs and special workshops or party bookings.

Writing is good for mental health as it stimulates your brain, helps you think of what to write and gives you a purpose. It also gives you self-confidence, it is a way to unload the stress you may feel, learn about yourself.

If you know a topic you are already wanting to write about, it helps then you can let your imagination flow or if it’s a piece of writing with facts and opinions, then you can include those as well.
More information on all this are in the leaflets below with timings and contact details as well.

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