Featherstone Rovers v Whitehaven Match report by Daniel Crossfield (a dedicated flatcapper)


Featherstone Rovers v Whitehaven Betfred Championship Round 12 Saturday 21st May 2022
This was the last home game before the 1895 Cup final for Featherstone against one of two teams they’ve yet to face this year in Whitehaven, so would it be another win to take them to London with?

It was played at the Millennium Stadium

1st Rovers try- Lockwood scored
After five minutes, a good start as captain Lockwood scored, successful conversion by Hall.

2nd Feath try- Hellewell scored
Two minutes later, it was try two as Hellewell got over under sticks after good move to score, successful conversion by Hall.

3rd Rovers try- Hall scored
After 12 minutes, Hall scored for Rovers, unsuccessful conversion by Hall

4th Fev try- Leilua on the rampage
Just after the quarter hour mark, Leilua went on the rampage to score, successful conversion by Hall as the ball went straight through posts.

5th Rovers try- excellent try by Jacks
Excellent play on left by Rovers , Kheirallah found Hall who in turn found Jacks inside to score, successful conversion by Hall.

6th Feath try- Sene-Lefao scored
Just before the half hour, it was another Rovers try as Sene-Lefao got in on the scoring, successful conversion by Hall.

7th Rovers try- Smith over
After 29 minutes, Smith was in to score and successful conversion by Hall and 40 points up for Rovers for a 3rd consecutive game and it wasn’t even halftime yet.

8th Rovers try- Briscoe in corner
Five minutes later, Briscoe scored in corner, successful conversion by Hall from touchline.

Halftime score: Featherstone Rovers 46-0 Whitehaven
It was a clinical 1st half by Rovers, could they keep it up 2nd half?

9th Rovers try- Jones superb try
After 56 minutes, Jones scored a brilliant try, successful conversion by Hall.

10th Fev try- Jones’ 2nd
Two tries in 2 minutes for Jones, successful conversion by Hall.

11th Rovers try- Sene-Lefao’s 2nd
After 68 minutes, Sene-Lefao scored his 2nd try, successful conversion by Hall.

12th Feath try- Moors scored
With only 6 minutes remaining, Moors scored a 12th try for Rovers overall in the game, successful conversion by Hall and it was 70 for 2nd home game in a row.

13th Rovers try- Jones hat trick
After 77 minutes, it was hat-trick time for Jones as he dived over line, unsuccessful conversion by Hall.

14th Fev try- Hat trick for Sene-Lefao
The final try of the game and it was a hat trick for Sene-Lefao too, unsuccessful conversion by Hall.

Fulltime score: Featherstone Rovers 78-0 Whitehaven
Another excellent win for Rovers as they were too strong, too fast and too skilled for Whitehaven, and they remain unbeaten in the Championship.

Highlights of this game are at this link:

Next for Rovers is a trip to North London as they face Leigh Centurions in the 1895 Cup final on Saturday 28th May 2022 at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium with a 12pm kickoff.

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