York is one of the UK’s most active cities

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The mental health benefits associated with getting outdoors and enjoying green spaces are vitally important. That’s why outdoor experts, Blacks, have revealed the most active cities in the UK.

You can view the results in full here: https://www.blacks.co.uk/blog/the-best-uk-cities-for-outdoor-activities 

The top ten most active cities in the UK: 

While Norwich has a higher number of parks than York, the city’s larger population means the 18 parks equate to 8.44 for every 100,000 people in the city. 

Luton offered the least number of parks in the UK, with the city only having 1.16 parks per 100,000 people. 

Further findings from the study include:  Peterborough has the highest number of outdoor trails in the UK, with the city having 4.9 outdoor trails per 100,000 people. >Brighton is the best city in the UK for adventure sports, with the city offering a total of 6 watersport attractions. 
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Rank City Population Parks Walking Trails Biking Trails Ski & Snowboard Areas Water Sports Sports Complexes Total Attractions and Activities Attractions and Activities per 100,000 People
1 Southampton 246,201 17 20 0 1 3 8 49 19.90
2 Norwich 213,166 18 16 1 1 0 4 40 18.76
3 Gloucester Plymouth Ipswich Newcastle upon Tyne Peterborough Cambridge With a total of 49 adventurous activities and attractions, equating to 19.90 per 100,000 people, Southampton is top of the list. The port city sits on the south coast of the country, offering plenty of opportunities for people to get stuck into water sports and other exciting activities. 

Placing second on our list of active cities is Norwich Home to the Broads National Park which offers a range of activities, from boating to arts and crafts, Norwich boasts sixteen walking trails and 18 parks which contribute to the total of 40 adventurous activities and attractions in the city, equating to 18.76 per 100,000 people. Rounding out the >top three most active cities in the UK is Ipswich With 28 varying activities, including the “https://www.blacks.co.uk/activities/skiing/” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Ski and Snowboard centre which has a 255-metre main slope, Gloucester offers 18.66 attractions per 100,000 people and is one of the highest on our list. The UK cities with the highest number of parks: 
Rank City Population Parks Parks per 100,000 people Square Miles York Norwich Ipswich Plymouth Cambridge Southampton Newcastle upon Tyne Aberdeen Belfast