I am Doner – a kebab revolution is dawning for Vegans

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When I am Doner’s invite to review them dropped in my inbox, I initially thought of student nights out which always seemed to end at the greasy kebab shop regardless of whether we’d been out for food, drink or dancing. It wasn’t something that now as 34-year-old tee-total Vegan I craved. 

But after experiencing my first I am Doner experience, it seems my nights and days out would happily end in such a joint whenever wherever. 

What is in a Doner Kebab? 

Traditionally Doner Kebabs are made up of bread and sliced meat from the skewer. 

Here at I am Doner while you can eat a traditional Doner, not your end of night out type as these are comprised of  freshly baked flatbreads and meat. 

I am a Doner, convert 

“We’ve started a revolution, making the döner kebab more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated,” promises the I am Doner website. 

So I had to give Doner Kebabs a second shot especially hearing they had so many vegan options. Would this be a plain salad in a wrap or something else? 

First things first if you’re looking for a dirty kebab shop grim frontage you may miss this slick looking joint. But don’t. 

This compact, clean and digital first venue has a clear order and pick up system. 

And while I don’t normally like computerised ordering, in this case it was super handy as you can have as many options if not more than a subway. 

I was chuffed to see a “Voner” Kebab on the menu or a salad option with Voner meat aka Vegan Doner meat. 

I went for a lush salad bowl with Voner and my step dad went for a salad bowl with falafel while my mum went for a rice bowl with Chicken Katsu. 

The bowls were colourful, filling, fresh and fabulous – a perfect healthy treat which we ate as a takeaway. 

I was actually spoilt for choice as a Vegan which I’m not used to and it’s now one of my favourite spots to grab a non-greasy takeaway. 

It’s a creative reclaiming of what Doner Kebabs are and how you can have them as a treat rather than at the end of a “dirty night out.” 

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