Why autistic people need sport in their lives


As a sports fan, I need my weekly and sometimes daily sporting fix, so at the weekend just gone, the Premier League and EFL postponed matches as a mark of respect for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd, but having heard West Ham fans sing the national anthem, and a 2 minutes silence at the Man U game on Thursday, I think the matches would have been the perfect chance for football fans up and down the country to get together and pay their respects.

Some sport did go ahead at the weekend like cricket and rugby league, and I know the government left it upto each sport to decide, but even though I did manage to watch and listen to some rugby, there was a football hole in my weekend, with no football, which did ruin my routine a little bit as I usually print prediction sheet out for me and Dad Fridays, we do them Friday night, then Saturday I watch programmes such as Soccer AM , Soccer Saturday or Final Score and Match of the Day, and Sundays I watch Super Sunday, but none of those available this weekend just gone.

I know the EFL matches are going ahead on Tuesday, and rugby league going ahead next weekend, but we’re not sure yet if the Premier League will go ahead, but with three matches meant to be held in London, they are weighing up whether they can reverse the fixtures, due to there being a need for a big police presence for the Queen’s funeral next Monday, and also there would need to be a big police presence for Man United v Leeds if it goes ahead on Sunday.  Another problem they have is when they will reschedule the games postponed, as there’s not many free midweek slots, and with the World Cup coming up in November and December, that causes another problem.

Another thing that can be frustrating for autistic people is if channels change their normal scheduling e.g. Emmerdale was supposed to be on Thursday and Friday, but instead it was continuous news programmes about the Queen’s death, and then Emmerdale did get aired Sunday evening, but it’s not tonight, and Coronation Street didn’t air on Friday but is tonight (Mon 12th Sept) but it’s going to be Friday’s episode, so it all gets a bit confusing.  It makes me feel confused and upset that my usual routine is out of sync, as they do change but not that often.

So, I’m hoping that the Premier League returns this weekend, as if not there’ll be no matches until 1st weekend in October, due to the international break coming up after next weekend.

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