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Are you working on or towards Christmas gift guides already? (is it really that time of year already!?), we’d like to suggest the following:

For someone special:

Perfino. – If you can’t decide between perfume or jewellery, then Perfino is the perfect solution.
Perfino is an innovative natural scent jewellery brand. Perfino combines expertly blended, 100% natural, pure essential oils with exquisite jewellery so you can wear scent all day long without any chemicals touching your skin.

The solid recycled silver and 18ct gold vermeil, artisan designed pendant comes with six lava stones and 10ml of carefully blended natural essential oils  all sourced from sustainable growers. One drop of oil on the stone in the pendant will give you a delicate fragrance that can last for days.
For health fans, plant-based food lovers and the vegan-curious: Stem & Glory voucher or meals delivered to your door.

A voucher for dinner at multiple award-winning restaurants Stem & Glory; hip and trendy but accessible plant-based restaurants, serving delicious gourmet vegan food from locally sourced ingredients, 100% made on site. Stem & Glory also offers dining, click-and-collect and local delivery in London and Cambridge. 

Stem & Glory also has a range of vegan ready meals for delivery to your door. For vegan, flexitarian or vegan-curious dads, the new range consists of finish-at-home ready meals, such as their popular Swede Gnocchi, Glorious Bourguignon, and innovative pizzas, and recipe kits such as Stem & Glory’s trademark Kimchi Pancakes and Activated Charcoal Fettuccine with Mushroom Scallops. For more information, go to this link:
For the eco warrior: Climeworks gift to reverse climate change.

Climeworks removes carbon dioxide directly from the air and then safely stores it. What’s clever about this is that it removes historic CO2 and this air-captured carbon dioxide is removed for good!

Climeworks works with big organisations, such as Microsoft and Shopify, to help them remove their carbon footprint and is also available to individuals. With gifts starting from 5 Euros per month, you can remove carbon dioxide from the air per year, in the name of your favourite conservationist.
For book lovers, families, business owners/professionals, and anyone wanting to make 2022 their best year yet:

The Meee in a minute series of books: Meee in a minute; 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds.

A collection of life hacks, advice, insights, science, stories, short exercises, quotes and more that can help you improve your life. Meee in a work minute; 60 ways to improve your working life in 60 seconds. In 60 practical tips this book celebrates the world of work, the importance of it and shows how it’s good for us. Meee in a family minute; 60 ways to improve your family life in 60 seconds.

A book bursting with useful tips and strategies to appreciate, engage with, enjoy, connect and reconnect with your family.
For fashion-conscious cyclists:

Dashel Cycle Helmets Dashel offers a range of slim, ventilated, lightweight cycle helmets manufactured in the UK.

With a distinctive urban feel Dashel Helmets are made from recyclable materials  ensuring that they low impact at the point of manufacture and produce very little waste at the end of life.
For older family members and anyone suffering from back pain: 

A voucher for an IDD treatment at one of the IDD Clinics across the UK. IDD Clinics are experts in treating back and neck pain, especially treating those who have tried everything else and are either awaiting surgery or feeling as though there is no hope left.
For someone who needs a treat:  A voucher for a photo shoot, complete with makeover at Vanity Studios. Bring your favourite outfits, get your hair and make done, and then enjoy a full studio photoshoot with a professional photographer.
Go home with pictures that you and your family will treasure.
Stocking fillers:  Emunity is the first detox health drink to harness the healing and immunity-boosting benefits of Nettle and make it available in a ready to drink can.

Emunity has blended nettles with English Garden Herbs to create a great tasting, refreshing drink loaded with immune boosting health benefits. It is 100% natural, with no artificial Ingredients and only 53 calories per can.£1.49/can 
FYX is the UK’s first ready to drink Collagen spring water.

FYX is available in two great flavours: Raspberry and Acai Berry with antioxidants; and Lemon and Lime with Moringa Tea which can help with metabolism.

FYX is healthy, hydrating and each 400ml bottle contains 2500mg of premium Marine Collagen which is known to help repair damaged ligaments, joints and muscles with its powerful peptides, as well as enhancing your skin, nails and hair. £1.99/bottle 


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