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Chinese New year this year will fall on January 22nd 2023 and it is the year of the Rabbit.

Recent/upcoming years of the Rabbit are 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023, and 2035. If you were born in one of the years, then you are a Rabbit. You will experience your zodiac birth sign year (benmingnian) in 2023, which is considered bad luck.

As you know from previous articles, the 12 animals of the chinese zodiac are: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

However there are different elements to each one and these are:

  • Wood starts a Fire
  • Fire creates Earth
  • Earth holds Metal
  • Metal carries Water
  • Water feeds Wood


People who were born in a Wood animal year are patient, compassionate and understanding. wise beyond their years and always growing, Wood people are as warm and sociable as they are stable and practical.Because they are so focused on expansion and opportunity though, wood types can become overly competitive or obsessed with achievement for achievement’s sake.When too focused on winning, they can become intrusive and disrespect others’ boundaries. Their vision is strong, but it shouldn’t get in the way of other people’s progress!

Wood Associations

Color: Green
Season: Spring
Planet: Jupiter
Symbol: Dragon
Climate: Windy
Zodiac sign: Tiger, rabbit


People who were born in a Fire animal year are Creative and persistent, these people are just deeply passionate about life. Fire people are extremely motivated, and once their spark is ignited, they won’t stop until they’ve lit up the whole village…or, alternately, until they’ve burned the village down. Fire types want to take anyone and everyone along for the ride. And unless you want to be swallowed by the flame, there’s absolutely no getting in their way!


Because they run on passion, fire people are thrill seekers who bore easily if what they’re doing becomes too repetitive or mundane. They don’t do well in work environments where every day is the same and can be a bit flighty. Freelance is definitely better for them than working at the same company forever. Fire types will leave a job or a relationship at the drop of the hat if something more exciting gets their attention. Spontaneity is their love language.

Because they need constant stimulation, fire people can suffer from anxiety and insomnia if they’re not careful about regulating their nervous system. Fire people run hot. To cool down, they should take in the scenery on long walks and be super vigilant about staying hydrated!


Associations with Fire are:

Color: Red
Season: Summer
Planet: Mars
Symbol: Phoenix
Climate: Hot
Zodiac sign: Horse, snake


People born during earth years are peacekeepers.

Responsible and justice-oriented, these people are the peer mediators on the college campus and the nerds in high school who always make sure the group project is handed in on time. Earth types are who Mr. Rogers was talking about when he said, “Look for the helpers,” and they are best at helping their friends, family and anyone who truly values them. Earth people remain calm even when they are in the eye of the storm.

Though they are expert problem solvers and crisis managers, earth types can sometimes go too far with their power and become a bit self-centered and controlling. These people move a mountain to help you, but they’re not happy if no one gives them credit for it. A simple “thanks” is not enough for earth types.

To (perhaps ironically) keep themselves grounded in their business—rather than just living to help everyone else—earth people should make time for meditation and stillness. Yes, there’s always something to fix but it doesn’t always need to be fixed immediately. Clarity comes with patience.


Associations with Earth are:


Color: Brown
Season: Between summer and autumn
Planet: Saturn
Symbol: Cauldron
Climate: Rainy and wet
Zodiac sign: Dragon, dog, ox, sheep


People born during the metal years always get the job done.

These people are unyielding and rigid, often giving off major Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada vibes. Metal people are regimented minimalists who are on the offensive. For them, satisfaction comes with finding the simplest path to a job well done. They’re also extremely loyal and ferociously protective of their loved ones.

Metal types are disciplined and have high moral standards and though that’s something to be respected, they also can be judgmental and controlling. Sharp as knives, when metal people are mad, their words can cut. It’s imperative that they learn to lighten up a bit and realize that rules and structure are important, but they aren’t everything.

Metal people can tap into their softer, more compassionate side though volunteer work in their local community. It’s good for them to experience things that grow outwards rather than just upward. They’re humbled through being a part of something larger than themselves that still has a tangible impact. Because they have trouble letting go—even after a deep betrayal by a loved one—they should practice deep breathing and meditation to find their inner calm.

Associations with Metal are:

Color: White
Season: Autumn
Planet: Venus
Symbol: Tiger
Climate: Dry
Zodiac Sign: Monkey, rooster

People born during water years sensitive and introverted, typically needing lots of time for self-reflection. With their thoughts always spinning—and heads sometimes in the clouds—they like to stay away from drama and observe from the sidelines. Water people will step into stressful situations only when they know their voice needs to be heard. Water types love their own company and their happy place is spending a rainy day inside, reading and journaling. Water types are filled to the brim with creativity and inspiration. They’re sympathetic perfectionists who love to coordinate activities that make everyone happy.

Empathetic to a fault, water types can sometimes let their loved ones take over their lives and can lose themselves in others’ stories. On the flip side, they can also isolate to protect themselves and become passive or self-indulgent. Because water people keep so much inside, when they do let it all out, it’s overwhelming for their family and friends.

To find balance, people born during water years need a calm environment. They also should push themselves to get out of the house and socialize because even though they can always entertain themselves, they’re fueled by being around others. No matter what, water types are generally fearless and have strong willpower. Don’t underestimate them just because they’re sensitive!

Associations with water are:

Color: Black
Season: Winter
Planet: Mercury
Symbol: Turtle
Climate: Cold
Zodiac Sign: Rat, pig


The first 7 days only are considered public holidays

How to celebrate it in the UK

  1. Attend a festival or parade and some of the best cities to celebrate in are: Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Birmingham as they all have their own Chinatowns.
  2. Try authentic cuisine such as: dumplings, fish, spring rolls, noodles.
  3. Participate in traditional activities 
  4. Decorate your home 
  5. Spend time with family and friends 
  6. Send red envelopes
  7. Organise your own event

Where to go to celebrate in Yorkshire

A giant rabbit is in York ready for the Chinese New Year celebrations and if you want to find it, just follow the paw prints. 

In Sheffield, there is a Lion Street Dance Parade which starts at 12pm on Sunday 22nd January. 

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