Yorkshire content creators break the chicken wing eating record at Brewdog


Two of UK’s top content creators took on an all-you-can-eat wing night challenge at Brewdog where they had 90 minutes to eat as much as they could. 

 Adam Moran of Beard Meats Food took his friend and podcasting co-host Josh Gudgeon to Brewdog in Bradford. 

Brewdog is a ‘no nonsense’ national chain known for its craft beers and bars as well as now being known for its ‘Wings Wednesday’ all-you-can-eat chicken wing challenge.

“Today we’re going to try and eat as many chicken wings as possible,” said Beard at the end of their podcast recording of Breaking Bread. 

The pair made their way in Beard’s Tesla to Bradford to attempt to eat more than 55 chicken wings in 90 minutes. 

The Brewdog menu states: “All you can eat, bottomless wings, just £12 in our bars or £13 if you are chowing down in one of our London bars.

“Choose from our infamous buffalo chicken wings, our cauliflower wings, or even our Temple Of Seitan Wings.” 

Gudgeon, who not only hosts the Breaking Bread podcast alongside Beard, is also a presenter and filmmaker. Gudgeon and his team took the reins to film this special TV show-style episode for the Beard Meats Food Channel. 

“You didn’t tell me they were that big,” said Gudgeon as he sat beside his competitive eating pro friend Beard. 

Gudgeon who normally eats light as he is into fitness was mocked by Beard for “cuddling” the chicken. 

Nonetheless, he managed to devour 51 chicken wings. 

And Beard managed to smash the record of 55 with 70 chicken wings. 

Despite, devouring a record-breaking amount, the pair then asked for dessert. 

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