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Hi Folks, just a bit of info for rugby league fans who are missing those live matches.

There is a new streaming service for rugby league fans called OurLeague.

In this short blog, I will explain What it is, What it’s for, Who it’s for and How to access it, and also my experience of using it.

What is OurLeague?

All Betfred Championship and some Betfred Challenge Cup games are being live streamed and can be watched in real time on the OurLeague website or app.

What it is for

As fans are not yet allowed back into stadiums, this is an economical way to watch your favourite teams play matches in real time.

Who is it for?

The app and website are for rugby league fans of all clubs but particularly those clubs who don’t get exposure of being on SkySports so that’s Championship and League 1 clubs.

How do you access it?

To access it, simply go to the website https://www.rugby-league.com/livestream and register for a free account, giving details of your favourite clubs. To purchase an upcoming match, simply find it on the list and then purchase your live stream, presently this costs £4.95 for an early bird purchase or if you leave it until the day of the match, this rises to £10.00. After a couple of days your match is unlocked to view , then when the match is due to start all you do is logon to your chosen viewing platform i.e. website or app and the match will commence on screen at kickoff time.

Payment for live streams can be by credit card or Paypal.

I believe that season ticket holders can get a viewing code from their clubs, and their cost is free.

My experience of using it

I paid for a £4.95 early bird price to watch Featherstone Rovers v Batley Bulldogs,  the quality overall of the stream was very good, I experienced no problems at all with buffering, however this would depend on an individual’s internet connection. The commentators were very good and knowledgeable about the game and I would definitely recommend for rugby league fans if their team isn’t on Sky Sports. If you want to watch the match again, you can after a few days, as it goes on repeat and can be viewed again for upto 2 weeks.

I am not connected in any way to OurLeague, I am just a regular punter who signed up to watch my favourite team, so just giving my opinion on how it all works, and I hope you find it useful.

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