Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway series review Episode 4


We were nearly halfway through the series already, it’s going so quick but I suppose the week leading up to the show is slow, so that doesn’t make it go as quick so here’s what’s happened in Episode 4.

Saturday 13th March 2021 – Episode 4

The star guest announcer for episode four was Michelle Visage from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Ant and Dec said hello to Michelle once they’d got on the stage. They also said Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there.

The Takeaway Rainbow was lit up from the studio to another mystery location revealed later in the show.

Mother’s Day game Mam Would I Lie to You?

Then Ant went to a couple of mums on the virtual audience and found out a couple of embarrassing things about them. Then they decided to play a very special Mother’s Day game called Mam, would I lie to You? It’s based on the panel show Would I lie to you? I’ll include a video of this but I’ll explain as well.

The panel was Stephen Mulhern, Michelle Visage and Lee Mack.  Round one was all about embarrassing stories. They got a mum from the virtual audience called Pat Thompson. 

They got one Rachel which was her real daughter and 2 other imposters pretending to be her, and the panel had to guess who was telling the truth and who was telling a lie.

It was revealed that the real Rachel (Pat’s daughter was number 2).

They then got on another mum from the virtual audience called Brenda Robson.

Same as before her daughter Marie was in the studio, and she was joined by 2 imposters and again they would all tell a story, and the panel would guess truth or lie.

It was revealed the real Marie was number 3.

At the end, both Rachel and Marie told their mums they would be grandmas.

Happiest Minute Of The Week

In Part two, it was time for The Happiest Minute of The Week where Ant and Dec gave some more takeaway getaways away to members of the virtual audience for good reasons, including beating cancer while taking in her nieces.

Double Trouble

It was then time for episode three of Double Trouble.  I’ll include a video for this.

Singalong Live

 In part three, it was Singalong Live and they had three virtual audiences who had to singalong to a karaoke classic. This time it was Kaiser Chiefs and the song was Ruby.

The fist audience member was called Jamie who didn’t get the word right, the 2nd member was Dion and he got the word wrong.

The final member was Jan who got the word right who won £500.


In part four it was time for Undercover where Ant and Dec took over the world’s first automated coffee drive through in what was called the Takeaway Drive-Thru.  This segment was really funny and made me laugh . I‘ll get a video of this as cant explain it.

Ant and Dec also said that next week’s Undercover would be one of their riskiest ones as they try to go undercover on their old SM:TV Live mate Cat Deeley and the sitcom they used to show on there Chums is also coming back for a one-off next Saturday night 20th March 2021.

In the penultimate part of this episode, it was revealed that the Takeaway Rainbow was in Portsmouth and the person who spotted it was called Stephen

Win The Ads

Then it was time for Win the Ads.  The contestant was playing for the contents of the ad breaks from McDonalds and Dodds. 

Cartoon Ant and Dec did their running, and it was cartoon Ant who chose a man called Stephen John.

Just like last week’s contestant, Stephen had 75 seconds to answer as many questions from the week’s news as possible, if she got a question right she could choose a number.  He got 4 questions right, which meant four prizes.  Also like last week, we wouldn’t know which prizes they were until after he’d chosen to stay or play.

He decided to play and it was revealed that these were the prizes he had already won:

£1000 with Mattress Online

On the Beach holiday

Vacuum cleaners

£500 Just Eat voucher

So, Ant and Dec asked him the question which he got right, so he won all 16 prizes.

The End of The Show Show

The final part of the show this week was the End of the Show Show which was a Sea Shanty.

Here’s some links to the parts of the show I couldn’t explain:

Mam Would I lie to You – and

Double Trouble, Episode 3 –

Takeaway drive thru  –

Sea shanty –

Another jam-packed, enjoyable and fun-filled episode.  Can’t believe it’s halfway through the series already. The Bits I enjoyed this week were Takeaway Drive Thru, Double trouble and Sea Shanty.

It’s episode five this week, so keep reading for the next review

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