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So unbelievably we were at the penultimate episode (episode 6)  of Saturday Night Takeaway already, but it’s been a great series and just what people need on a Saturday night now we can’t go out.

This week’s Star Guest announcer was Alesha Dixon and to make her feel at home, they put a red buzzer in there from Britain’s Got Talent.  So Ant and Dec had a chat to her and she said she needed her Ant and Dec fix with there being no Britain’s Got Talent this year, and she said she would use the buzzer if there was anything she didn’t like. I think she pressed it once for a joke Ant said.

Then Ant and Dec said viewers may have spotted some stragne moments, on Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women on Monday, a lot of people were speculating it had something to do with Saturday Night Takeaway , Ant made it clear that those people were absolutely right, and all would be revealed later in the show.

Then after a week off, the Takeaway Rainbow was lit up and the location would be revealed later in the show.

Ross Kemp: Uncovering Maddy Taylor

Then  it was time for a segment about Maddy Taylor who thought she was there for a game show but in fact she was appearing on Saturday Night Takeaway as she was about to be exposed for some bad crimes she had done. All of the bad things she’d done were part of a new true crime documentary called Ross Kemp: Uncovering Maddy Taylor.

The first bad crime she had done was she said that her and her husband claimed they went to the supermarket for her parents, as they’d be living with them for 2 and a half years rent free, but they came home with next to nothing, and claimed the supermarket was busy, but it turned out they hadn’t been shopping at all, they’d been for a slap-up meal for a couple of hours. Then Ross Kemp came through a door and Maddy’s parents came as well and said they were shocked by Maddy’s actions.

The second crime she had done was her husband Lee bought a David Beckham shirt that would be important to him for the rest of his life as David Beckham was his hero, he came downstairs one morning and his shirt was on the washing line as it  had completely shrunk,  the lettering started peeling off, then Ross Kemp broke through a window and Maddy’s husband was there, and Ross found out the truth, and Maddy’s husband Lee had told Maddy he wanted to go on a stag do , she was so annoyed by this that she took his Beckham shirt, deliberately boilwashed it and then pretended she had no idea how it had shrunk. Then Dec said “Wow Lee this is all news to you, what would you like to say to your wife?

Lee said “My wife who’s she?  I am shocked .

The third and final crime she had done was done without her first cousin Talia even knowing it had occurred. She said she had become obsessed with Maddy’s pizzas so much that lee had bought Maddy her own pizza oven.  Ross Kemp had to speak to a cat who asked to hide her identity in order to protect her.  The cat said she liked to go into the pizza oven as it’s warmer than the garden.

So Ross Kemp came down from the roof, and Talia was there and it turned out the cat had been using Maddy’s pizza oven as a toilet , Maddy knew about it but went ahead and served her pizza after pizza after cat poo pizza.

Then Ant and Dec said: “For putting up with the behaviour but also compensation they were sending her parents, husband and first cousin on holiday to Italy and also Maddy herself to think about her dreadful behaviour.

Happiest Minute of The Week

Then in Part 2, it was time for the Happiest Minute Of The Week where more Takeaway Getaways were given out to members of the virtual audience for various reasons including:

Working for a care company providing care for special needs adult, running 12 marathons in 12 days, celebrating platinum wedding anniversaries, and having both knees reconstructed due to a genetic condition meaning having to learn how to walk again.

Double Trouble- Episode 4

Then it was time for the penultimate episode of the Saturday Night Takaeaway film Double Trouble, I’ll include a link to this at the end.

Singalong Live

Then in Part 3, it was time for the return of Singalong Live, 3 viewers were chosen and all they had to do was singalong to a karaoke classic and had to sing the missing word to win £500. They would be singing along with Erasure to the song  A Little Respect.

Viewer one got the correct missing word and won £500, the 2nd viewer also got the correct missing word and won £500 and the 3rd viewer also got the correct missing right and also won £500.

On-Air Dares

In Part, 4 it was my favourite part of the episode as Ant and Dec then revealed why there were strange moments on ITV’s daytime shows on Monday and it was because they sent Stephen Mulhern on a mission was called On-Air Dares.   I will include a video to show what happened. Stephen had loads of actions and phrases and all the presenters of Good Morning Britain, Lorraine, This Morning and Loose Women had to do was to try and get as many of them into a particular section of their shows.  First up was GMB with Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid, they did a good job as they managed to do five , then he headed to Lorraine with Lorraine Kelly and she did really well as she was on her own and she managed to do ten of them, Phillip and Holly on This morning also did well as they did 13 of them, and Loose Women with Charlene White, Judi Love and Jane Moore did OK as they did eight of them.

The winner of the On-Air Dares was This Morning but only by 3 points.

In Part five, the Takeaway Rainbow was in Peterborough Cathedral and Fleur East went to one of the people who spotted it and gave them a Takeaway Getaway.

Win The Ads

Then it was time for Win The Ads,  they were playing for the contents of the ads from Thursday’s Tipping Point.  Cartoon Ant and Dec did their running, and it was Cartoon Dec who chose Aquilla. Just like every show this series, Aquilla had 75 seconds to answer as many questions as she could from this week’s news, she managed to get six questions right, which meant she won six prizes.  Then she had a decision to make whether to play in the hope of getting all 16 prizes, or stay and get the six prizes she had already won. She decided to play, and here’s the prizes she had already won:

On the Beach Holiday


BMW 1 Series Car

Swan Kitchen Appliances

Husqvarna Robotic Lawnmower

Furniture Village Furniture

Some good prizes there, but she gambled.

Ant and Dec then asked her the make or break question, and she guessed it correct so she went away with all 16 prizes.

The End of The Show Show with McFly

Then in the final part, it was time for The End of the Show Show with McFly.

They started off on a big screen, then Ant and Dec jumped inside the virtual screen, and at the other side, Stephen Mulhern opened the door to the four McFly members, but locked Ant and Dec in the virtual screen.

They couldn’t get out, then Stephen pressed the pause button on Ant and Dec , then they tried to get up from a ladder, but that didn’t work, then Stephen turned Dec into a Christmas tree, and Ant into a red dragon, then he thanked all the guest and said Join Me next Saturday for the last show of the series,  but I know Ant and Dec will be back next week, because it’s their baby as it’s the one show they rehearse for every year.

My highlights of this episode were:

Singalong Live

On-Air Dares


Videos of segments I couldn’t explain or you may want to watch to see more of:

Ross Kemp:  Uncovering  Maddy Taylor –


Double Trouble: Episode 4 –

Singalong Live-

On-Air Dares –

The End of the Show Show with McFly –

Another fun-filled, exciting show, but the sad news is just one more show to go on Saturday 3rd April, but I’m sure they’ll go out with a bang.

Make sure you read my review of the last episode of the series next week

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