Neurodiverse minds: Why TV has been important during unpredictable times 

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When you’re neurodivergent your brain can feel all over the place when things feel unpredictable but actually a lot of us neurodiverse people tend to thrive off routine, structure and some space to create. Especially as I am on the autism spectrum.  One way I like taking time out is by watching TV which has anchored me during the Pandemic, as it was the only thing I can rely on.  But there are little nuances within soaps, that I enjoy as well. The world has been and still is unpredictable, so it’s nice to have some things that are predictable, such as soap operas being on each night albeit in different times now so Emmerdale is on at 7:30pm til 8pm Monday to Friday and Coronation Street is now 8pm-9pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The main UK soaps are:>Emmerdale, Coronation Street, EastEnders, Hollyoaks etc. One thing you can guarentee is that they have lots of drama and crime is not rife but it does happen occasionally, and every so often in soaps e.g. Emmerdale, Eastenders, Coronation Street people get arrested for whatever they may have done wrong and some examples have been over the years include: Tracy Barlow arrested for numerous crimes down the years

People like Debbie Dingle in Emmerdale have been arrested for things like assault, murder etc but even though some do get to court for the trial, the majority of people in soapland tend to get away with stuff.

Some pictures to show this are:

So to summarise, the reason I enjoy people being arrested is because it doesn’t happen too often in soapland and why I enjoy it is because it’s familiar to me and I like the fact that the cuffs are used as well. I will feel sorry for Dawn when she’s arrested as she’s worked hard to get her son back, and because she’s been blackmailed she will probably lose him again.

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