Saturday Night TV- My Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway Series 17 Episode 7 review

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So here we were at the finale of this year’s Saturday Night Takeaway, and I was a little bit emotional as it’s gone too quick but I still enjoyed it.

Here’s what happened in the final episode:

This week’s Star Guest announcer was comedian Mo Gilligan and he said what was coming up, and then after their April Fool’s joke, he introduced Ant and Dec as Dec and Ant, but when they went onto the stage they were still Ant and Dec.

The show began with a performance by Raye, Joel Corry and David Guetta. 

Then Ant and Dec had a chat with Mo Gilligan.

The first segment was about 2 people called Neil and Lorraine who are best mates and in 2020 to help people during lockdown, they started a pub quiz on Facebook called the Virtual Tavern which quickly became much more than a pub quiz and attracted more than 40,000 viewers worldwide.

They thought they were there for a documentary about combating loneliness in lockdown, but they were actually on Saturday Night Takeaway as Ant and Dec wanted to recognise their incredible achievement.

They had a chat to Neil and Lorraine about why they set it up, and eventually they said they set it up in their sheds, so Ant and Dec revealed they’d opened the Takeaway Tavern in the studio.

Neil and Lorraine had to play some games to try and win some of their Taverners some prizes.

The 1st two Taverners they were playing for were Bev and Michael who had a tough year as Michael had Covid pneumonia then a stroke, and Bev had to live with him on the hospital ward.  The first game they played was Catchphrase and Lorraine is a big fan of Stephen Mulhern, so of course Stephen Mulhern joined them as he’s the host.  Ant made a funny joke that “the only other person who’s on TV more than Stephen Mulhern is Professor Chris Whitty”.  Neil and Lorraine had to try and guess 3 catchphrases correctly to win them a holiday, they guessed them all right so they won Bev and Michael a holiday.

The next 2 Taverners they were playing for were Rob and Sarah who had lost everything due to a fire in their home. The 2nd game was Singalong Live and they had to sing the missing word to Fleur East’s song Sax and they guessed it correct so they won a holiday for the 2nd Taverners.  The 3rd game was for the star prize and they played Win The Ads and had to answer one question which was when are pubs due to reopen for outdoor service in England – 12th April or 12th May, they said 12th April and they were right and the star prize was a mobile bar in a campervan so they could meet Taverners in person.

Happiest Minute of The Week

In Part Two,  the final Happiest Minute of The Week and the final Takeaway Getaways of the series were handed out to the virtual audience members for various reason including:

Getting married on the day of the show, being in remission from leukaemia, not seeing their dad for a year due to him being in the army.

Ant v Dec: Going for Gold decider

In Part three, it was Ant v Dec: Going for Gold decider

The final game for Ant v Dec: Going for Gold was Super Bowls. The first round was bowling on a spinning wheel, where they had to try and get their ball into their colour section, after that round Ant and Dec led 4-3 , then the 2nd round was bowling balls across a beam, if it landed on the carpet, they would get 1, 2 or 3 points depending on where it stopped, if the ball went in the water they got 0 points. After the 2nd bowl each, Dec had 5 points then Ant went for the smash and knocked all the balls into the water, then Dec’s last ball went into the water, so it was still 4-3 to Ant. The last round was Great Bowls of Fire, and they had to  bowl from either end of the course where there was a ramp, through the bottom of the rings which were on fire, where they’d get one, 3 or five points. After this round, it was 7-3 to Ant so it was Ant who won the series.

After that, it was time for the finale of Double Trouble, and after it Dec said “ Who was that coming out of the copy machine, could we possibly get a 2nd series out of a flimsy idea? Find out on next year’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

I’m a Celebrity…. Get Out of Me Ear with Sir Mo Farah

In Part 4 it was time for I’m a Celebrity… Get Out of Me Ear. I will include a video as I can’t explain it.

Win the Ads

In the penultimate part of the series, as always it was time for Win The Ads, and the contestant was playing for the contents of the ads from Two Weeks Notice and they’d never done a film on this part before,  they were all good prizes this week.   For the final time this series the Super Ant and Dec brothers did their running, and it was Ant who chose Michelle.

Just like every other week, Michelle had 75 seconds to answer as many questions from this week’s news as possible.  She got four questions right, which means she won 4 prizes, and as always she’d have a decision to make: whether to stay and take away those 4 prizes, or whether to play and gamble on taking away all 16 prizes. She decided to play, and it was revealed that the 4 prizes she’d already won were:

The car, car insurance for the car, £2,600 to spend at Iceland and Swan Kitchen appliances. Dec asked her the make or break question  and she guessed it correctly which meant she took away all 16 prizes.

The End of the Series, End of the Show Show

In the final part of the show, it was time for The End of The Series End of the Show Show which was Jon Courtenay singing a song looking back at this series of Takeaway, I thought it was a good end to a brilliant series.

It ended with Ant saying: “Thanks everyone for watching and it’s been a pleasure and a privilege bringing you a Saturday Night Takeaway every Saturday night for the last 7 weeks.

Here’s some videos of some of the things from this episode:

Ant v Dec:  Going for Gold finale –

Double Trouble  Finale –

I’m a Celebrity, Get Out of Me Ear with Sir Mo Farah –

End of the Series,  End of the Show Show  –

So in summary, I would say yes this series has been different but it’s still had the same enjoyment and fun factor which is what we all needed over the last seven weeks,  the boys as always did a fantastic day.

Some of my highlights across the series were:

When they surprised a teacher

Ant v Dec series

Double Trouble

Ant and Dec opening the Takeaway drive-thru

Undercovers they did

I’m a Celebrity…. Get out of Me Ears they did

The end of the show shows

What were some of your favourite highlights from the series?

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