Deaf Awareness Week 2021

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What is Deaf Awareness Week and how you can get involved

Deaf Awareness Week is an annual event that will be taking place in the week starting 3 May 2021. The event focus is to raise awareness of deafness and hearing loss. It aims to celebrate exceptional individuals, and showcase what you can do to champion inclusivity and be more deaf friendly.

There’s so much going on this week, including many of our online events:

Why not get involved further, and take part in our 50K in May fundraising event! Can you walk, jog or run 50 kilometers for deaf children?

Here’s some tips on how to become deaf friendly

Every deaf child or young person is different. Levels of hearing loss, communication methods and use of hearing technology can vary widely. It’s important to remember this and find out what everyone’s individual needs are so you can make sure everyone is included in whatever you are doing together.

Whether you’re a parent, relative or you work with deaf children and young people, there’s lots of simple things you can do to be more deaf-friendly – and we’ve got tips and resources to help you.

There are lots of ways to chat… probably more than you think, watch this video to see how!

There are lots of different ways you should  communicate with someone who is deaf particularly children:

Find out how they communicate, is it BSL, or a different type of sign language?

Get their attention by waving, knocking on a table or tapping their shoulders lightly

Face them when you’re talking ideally

Speak clear and natural

Watch your mouth – this means don’t eat, chew gum or anything that could make it hard for them to understand

Use visual cues where possible e.g. use gestures  for example if youre telling them dinner is ready, you can use a knife and fork action

Make it clear what the topic of conversation is – as they will understand more if they understand the topic

Stand where it’s light

Speak one at a time if there’s a group of you

Reduce background noise by closing windows,  doors and turn machines off

Never give up or say I’ll tell you later. You can try texting, phoning them or writing on pen and paper


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