Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers Match report by Daniel Crossfield (a dedicated flatcapper watching from home)


Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers Betfred Championship Round 7  (Sunday 9th May  2021)

This was the 6th match for Featherstone this season and it was their 4th away game out of six.

It was 7th placed Sheffield Eagles v 2nd placed Featherstone Rovers before kickoff, could Rovers stay 2nd and maybe close the gap on Toulouse in terms of points per game average?

It was live on OurLeague.

It was due to kickoff at 4:30pm but it got delayed until 4:50pm as an earlier game had been delayed and there were Rovers fans allowed in for this one.

It was played at The Keepmoat Stadium

1st Featherstone try

After 6 minutes, Rovers scored their 1st try as the ball went through hands, Chisholm passed out wide to Jacob Doyle who scored in the corner on his debut, unsuccessful conversion from the touchline by Chisholm.

2nd Rovers try

3 minutes later, a 2nd Featherstone try as they did a few offloads to unlock the Sheffield defence and Gale scored in the corner, unsuccessful conversion from Chisholm, but another positive start by Rovers.

3rd Rovers try

Just after the quarter of an hour mark, it was try number three for Rovers and it was an easy one as Gale offloaded to Hall who passed to Bussey who went over under the sticks, successful conversion by Chisholm.

1st Sheffield try

Just at the midway point of the 1st half, Sheffield got their 1st try and Knowles scored over the line, successful conversion by Farrell.

4th Feath try

After 26 minutes, try number four for Featherstone and it was another easy one as Bussey dummied and passed to Lockwood who scored under sticks, successful conversion by Chisholm

2nd Sheffield try

Just before the half hour, another debut try this time for Sheffield as Wilson forced his way over to score under the sticks, successful conversion by Farrell.

5th Rovers try

Six minutes before halftime another try for Rovers , the ball was passed through hands and Field scored 5metres from the line, successful conversion by Chisholm.

6th Feath try

There was one more try before halftime for Fev three minutes before halftime as the ball was played through hands and Gale scored in the corner out wide, successful conversion by Chisholm.

Halftime score:  Sheffield Eagles  12-32 Featherstone Rovers

It was an easy first half for Featherstone as all their tries were too easy to score, could Sheffield comeback in the 2nd half or could Rovers post more points to remain unbeaten?

The 2nd half was delayed for around 40 minutes as there was a medical emergency near the tunnel, and as it turned out it was the Featherstone kitman, I hope he recovers well in hospital, would the long delay hinder Featherstone?

7th Rovers try

Five minutes into the 2nd half, Rovers scored again after good play as Chisholm passed inside for Brown to score under the posts, successful conversion by Chisholm.

8th Feath try

It took 15 minutes for the next try to come, but it was Featherstone who scored again as Chisholm ducked under one tackle, and Lockwood went over for his 2nd try, successful conversion by Chisholm, and it was 40+ points for Rovers.

After 64 minutes, a try was ruled out as Rovers knocked on near the line.

9th Rovers try

With 12 minutes remaining, it was another Featherstone try  as Day broke and quick play by Featherstone and Hall scored under the sticks, successful conversion by Chisholm and it was 50 points up for Rovers.

3rd Sheffield try

With 8 minutes remaining, the final try of the game went to Sheffield as Farrell took the Rovers line on and scored under the sticks, successful conversion by Farrell.

Fulltime score: Sheffield Eagles 18-50 Featherstone Rovers

Another excellent win for Rovers, another 50+ points and some easy tries.

Featherstone remain unbeaten and remain 2nd in the Betfred Championship level on points with Toulouse, but behind them on points per average.

Next up for Featherstone is another away game and it’s a West Yorkshire Day against Halifax Panthers on Sunday 30th May with a 3pm kickoff.

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