What is it like being a digital/disabled entrepreneur e.g struggled to get in work place for example but I am finding my own way online and doing my Own thing using my skills


The world as a digital entrepreneur is a good world for me as it means I can showcase my knowledge and skills of things such as: Sports blogs, using Canva to make templates and graphics, using IMovie to make videos and other knowledge and skills, and I would say I am finding my own way online with the help of my social media coach The Sparkle Coach by using my skills to the best of my ability. I can also use my skills at CoActive by taking member’s money and giving them a receipt and then put the money in the pouch where the money goes.

I prefer the digital world to a workplace as a workplace would probably be too busy and too much going on for me and it wouldn’t suit me working in a garden centre or a café for example as they wouldn’t utilise my skills, whereas a job to do with computers or technical stuff would be much better for me.

Some famous entrepreneurs I have heard of are Richard Branson who recovered from having dyslexia and made his first million when he was 21, Lord Alan Sugar and some famous sports people who have a disability who I like or admire are:

Ellie Simmonds whose sport was swimming in the Paralympics

Jamie Stead who’s taking part in the Paralympics in Tokyo after the Olympics has finished, he’s from Normanton and he plays wheelchair rugby

David Weir who took part in London Marathons despite being a wheelchair athlete

Hannah Cockroft who is a wheelchair racer

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