Britain’s Got Talent semi-final four Review

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This week was semi-final four of the greatest variety show in the world Britain’s Got Talent.

The fourth semi-final of this year’s Britain’s got Talent aired on Saturday 26th September, and here’s which acts performed:

Billy & Chantelle – I thought they were good, as the start and the end was about puppetry and the middle bit showed the chemistry they both have.

Chineke Junior Orchestra – They were good even though it was instrument based, but they were playing classic songs on their instruments, and half the group were in the studio and half the group were on a screen

Katherine & Joe O’Malley – They were OK I thought, it was based on Frozen as Katherine was Elsa and Joe was Olaf, but I don’t watch Frozen and a couple of the judges didn’t like it, and pointlessly Alesha buzzed them right at the end of the act.

Kevin Quantum – I thought he was very good, it was a scientific experiment that involved the judges and Ant all conducting electricity.

Jon Courtenay –   I thought he was good, he sang a song about his life as a boy and he sung about his parents and I thought it was very touching and emotional and he made Ant & Dec very smug but he made them proud.

Jasper Cherry – He was good, perhaps lacked charisma. He got his phone out, asked Ashley to get his phone out, he then asked Ashley to put his hands over both phones, then he got a deck of cards out, asked David to choose one of them and then he took a video of the judges and then he asked Ashley to look at the video and finally he asked Ashley to look in his jacket pocket, and the card was in his jacket pocket.

Papi Flex – I didn’t watch this one, as he was too scary, so I just had to take the judges thoughts on it. Amanda thought it was staged well and executed well, Ashley didn’t like it, David didn’t like it as it was scary and Alesha wasn’t as scared anymore.

Belinda Davids  – She was good, confident and had good vocals.  She’s a Whitney Houston impersonator which not everyone can pull off, and Alesha said she perhaps needs  to move away from Whitney.

So then the judges had to confer and come up with their top three from the night, and they chose:

Belinda Davids

Jasper Cherry

Jon Courtenay

David chose Jon Courtenay , Alesha chose Belinda Davids,  Ashley Banjo chose Jon Courtenay which meant it was down to Amanda to choose and she sent Jon Courtenay through which means that Jon Courtenay wins the semi-final and joins the other acts into the final.

That means the acts who went into the public vote were:

Papi Flex

Kevin Quantum

Billy & Chantelle

Katherine and Joe O’Malley

Chineke Junior Orchestra

Jasper Cherry

Belinda Davids

Again like the other semi-finals, the public vote is open until 10am on Monday morning and again we won’t find out the public vote winner until the final.

In summary, I would say that the standard of semi-final four was really really good, not too many poor performances this week which made it hard for the judges to pick their top three. There were no Yorkshire acts in this one.

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