Britain’s Got Talent semi-final five Review

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This week was semi-final five of the greatest variety show in the world Britain’s Got Talent.

The fifth and final semi-final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent aired on Saturday 3rd October and here’s which acts performed including the Soldiers of Swing from Sheffield:

Aidan McCann (Magician)

Beth Porch (Singer & Pianist)

Crissy Lee   (Drummer)

Hakan Berg (Bird Magician)

Nabil Abdulrashid (Comedian)

Shalom Chorale (Choir)

The Soldiers of Swing (Singing Duet)

Wesley Williams (Unicyclist)

Here’s the order that they performed in:

It started with a song from last year’s winner Colin Thackery.  

The Soldiers of Swing – I thought they were good, they had good vocals and it was a good way to start the semi-final.

Hakan Berg –   I thought he was daft, funny but good as well.  He told each judge to hold hand out, and then he gave them all a picture of what their spirit bird is, then he started with Amanda and a chick came out, then he asked Ashley to put his bird in his mind and made his spirit bird from a newspaper which was an eagle,   he asked Alesha to put her spirit bird into her mind, but he squashed her bird. He then asked David to put his bird in his mind, and he made a duck into a rabbit.

Lastly, he put a cape on and produced a big red parrot which was Alesha’s spirit bird.

Shalom Chorale – They were good, passionate about what they were singing about.  Performed earlier in the week due to the government guidelines.

Wesley Williams – I thought he was really good, he fell off the first couple of times, then he went over steps that had fire on, and he had a finish of massive proportions, as he rid his unicycle 30 feet in the air, blindfolded and he needed the judges to direct him to the ladder which they managed. He was crazy, but enjoyable to watch.

Crissy Lee – The rock n roll granny was OK,  she  couldn’t hear the track she was banging her drum to , but not really my cup of tea but credit to her for showing she can do something she’s passionate about and it’s what she loves doing.

Nabil Abdulrashid  – Thought he was good, jokes about racism and other edgy stuff , perhaps I should have laughed but I did.

Aidan McCann – Thought he was really good, Amanda had an envelope which he told her not to open, David had an envelope in front of him which Aidan told him to open, Aidan then put a blindfold on so he couldn’t see, and asked David to choose different coloured pens and colour a particular section of the picture in, and then Aidan asked Amanda to open her envelope, and it was a replica of the picture David had coloured in.  The picture was of a boy with a superhero cape on, and at the end Aidan took the suit he was wearing off, and underneath was the different colours David had coloured the picture in., so his trousers were pink, and the top half was a superhero cape.

Beth Porch – She was good, it was a tribute song to all her colleagues at the NHS, poignant song with what everyone’s been through and still going through now.  She’s a nurse as well, which made it good.

The judges then had to choose their top 3 and this is what the top three were:

Nabil Abdulrashid

Shalom Chorale

Wesley Williams

David, Alesha and Ashley all chose Nabil Abdulrashid, Amanda would have chosen Wesley. It means Nabil Abdulrashid won the last semi-final.

That means the acts going into the final public vote were:

Soldiers of Swing

Crissy Lee

Aidan Mccann

Beth Porch

Hakan Berg

Shalom Chorale

Wesley Williams

Again like the other four semi-finals the public vote was open until Monday morning at 10am, and we won’t find out who wins the public votes until the final next Saturday night.

In summary, I would say the standard of the last semi – final was OK, but not as good as last week as they weren’t any average acts this week, and there was one from Yorkshire this week, which were the Soldiers of Swing from Sheffield.

The finalists that we do know so far are:

Steve Royle (Comedian)

Aaron & Jasmine (Dancers)

Magical Bones (Magician)

Jon Courtenay (Singer and comedian)

Nabil Abdulrashid (Comedian)

The other five will be revealed in the final next Saturday night.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my reviews of the Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals each week, and I’m looking forward to the final review.

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