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This week was the grand final of the greatest variety show in the world Britain’s Got Talent.

The grand final of this year’s Britain’s Got Talent aired on Saturday 10th October and here’s which acts performed:

The first five below were the judges choices, the other five were the ones chosen by the public.

Steve Royle  (Comic Juggler)

Aaron & Jasmine  (Dancers)

Magical Bones  (Magician)

Jon Courtenay (Comedian)

Nabil Abdulrashid (Comedian)

Aidan McCann (Magician)

Jasper Cherry   ( Magician)

Sign Along With us (Sign Language Choir)

Damien O’Brien ( Magician)

James & Dylan Piper (Magicians)

The final wasn’t live and all acts had pre-recorded their performances on Friday.

Here’s the order they performed in and my thoughts:

Aidan McCann –   I thought he was good.  He had four cards with four queens on, and he asked David red or black, David then chose black.  Aidan then asked him to choose hearts or diamonds, David chose hearts.  Aidan said he chose queen of diamonds, and that he knew David would choose Queen of diamonds, as it was the only one with a red back on, and the only real card.  He then asked David to join him on stage, and he had cards with words on that had everyday things people do on them, and asked David to tell him to stop when he wanted to.  Next, David looked at the card, and was asked to lock it in mind, and put it in pocket.   Aidan then said he was going to read David’s mind, and asked if the word he was thinking of had the letter A in, DW said yes.  He asked David if it had a T in, DW said yes.   He then showed judges what he thought the word was, he then asked David a few questions:   The word he was thinking of does he do it every day?  DW said yes a lot, how many times a day do you do this, DW said 17 or 18 probably,  do you do this alone or with others,  DW said  alone, and finally when was the last time he did this, DW said before he came on. Aidan asked David to reveal the word , David said Eat, Aidan said “ Oh, that’s embarrassing live on the final of Britain’s Got Talent.

Aaron & Jasmine – They were good, production of the performance was good and their chemistry was good.  Potential winners.

Damien O’Brien – To start the performance,   he revealed what memories  he had of his time on BGT, he then asked Amanda to choose a card, she chose the card.  He asked Amanda to rip a corner out of the card, he asked her to take her phone out and search for his profile on Social media, he then ate the corner of the card, and the corner of the card travelled from his mouth to the phone, which was on his profile,  card landed onto the phone.  Then he put his phone on top of a table, and photos came out of his favourite memories from his time on BGT, He then asked Ant and Dec to bring the glass and box over to the table in front of Amanda, Damien then put the string into the glass while asking Amanda to hold the base of the glass, while he rolled the string from the glass to the stage, Amanda’s phone was in the glass. It was another brilliant act and another potential winner.

Steve Royle –  I thought he was brilliant, told some funny jokes particularly one about Rishi Sunak, and he finished with a bit of party theme e.g.  synchronised swimming and even some juggling.

Magical Bones  – I thought he was good, started off dancing, then he got into a box, handcuffed and somehow the box got from one side of the stage to the other.

Then Ant and Dec showed a video about people who have mental health problems as part of World Mental Health Day and encouraged people to give money if they could to Britain Get Talking campaign.

Sign Along with Us –  They were really good, meaningful song, they were all passionate, full of jay and did David really proud.  Another potential winner.

James and Dylan Piper – It was superb.  They said they did it in Dylan’s bedroom.    He asked David how much he thought his grandparents shopping was,   Alesha one word to describe family picture, Amanda one person she missed during lockdown, someone they could never know,  and Ashley one word to describe his dad.  Then on the back of the envelope, they revealed that they wrote what David, Amanda and Alesha would say, but turned out they weren’t in Dylan’s bedroom, they were actually backstage. They then asked Ashley today the word Dylan had written inside the envelope, and it was the exact word Ashley said.   They then revealed they’d been making video diaries during lockdown, and had written down the word they were going to ask one judge to say and it was Ashley’s word to describe his dad.  Finally , they revealed behind a curtain Dylan’s mum and sister.

Nabil Abdulrashid – Thought he was OK, controversial and edgy with his jokes.  Alesha said she was nervous with what he was going to come out with next.  

Jasper Cherry – He had a drinks stall, poured orange juice from the carton  into the jug,  and he got Ant to try some and he said it was definitely orange juice.  Jasper then said his sister wanted milk, so he poured milk out from the carton, he then poured cherry cola, rose, strawberry milkshake out.  He then asked Ashley what his favourite drink was , he said beer.  Then someone else gave each judge their drink, AB the beer, AH the rose, AD the cherry cola and DW the strawberry milkshake.  He then asked each judge and Dec to taste their drink, and asked if they were all real, they all said yes. He finished with tearing the carton up to prove all drinks came out of the carton.

Jon Courtenay –  I thought he was good, he sang a song which was a summary of 2020 which has been a crazy year, made me emotional but I didn’t cry.  I just thought he was really good, and yet again made Ant and Dec proud and another potential winner.

The phone lines then opened.

This was followed by a special performance from the cast of Les Miserables, Mary Poppins and Phantom of the Opera, because the theatres aren’t open yet,  which was good.

Then it was time for the results and this is how it panned out:

Aaron and Jasmine – Not in top 3

Jasper Cherry – Not in top 3

James & Dylan Piper- Not in top 3

Sign Along With Us- In the top 3

Magical Bones – Not in top 3

Damien O’Brien – Not in top 3

Jon Courtenay – In top 3

Aidan McCann – Not in top 3

Steve Royle- In top 3

Nabil Abdulrashid – Not in top 3

Then third place was announced which was Steve Royle

That left Sign Along with Us and Jon Courtenay as the two left, and the winner of Britain’s Got Talent 2020 was….. Jon Courtenay

In Summary, I would say it was an amazing final, some really top quality performances, I’m happy for both the winner and the runners-up.  I just love BGT and it’s made my Saturday nights worth looking forward to over the last six weeks. Been amazing how they’ve managed to get it on air during these strange times, and hopefully just another six months until it starts all over again.

I’ve really enjoyed doing these reviews of the semi-finals and this grand final, and here’s the links to all my semi-final reviews if you’ve missed any of them, or just want to catch-up on what’s happened.

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