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Are you thinking of starting a business or a blog for this year?

Here are some top ‘start your own business (or blog) tips this 2021’ from brands and influencers who are already making noise:

  • A goal without a plan is just a wish”: Decide what your goal is and then each week or month write a plan and make sure everything on it contributes to you achieving that goal, if it doesn’t, don’t spend your time on it. ( )
  • Be Authentic: Keep it authentic to you so that it fits around your lifestyle rather than the other way around. The more it fits with your life the easier it will be to keep producing content.
  • Choose your Customer: Make a plan and be clear on who your audience or customer will be. Pick a niche and stick to that niche, as growing your audience will be so much easier if you are clear on who you will be helping. (
  • Share your story: As they say facts tell and stories sell. So don’t be afraid of getting your brand and business out there, show off what you do on social media and in the press. But always think about how best to tell your story so it is powerful, promotes the work you do and most of all speaks to your desired customer. ( /
  • Be clear about what you hope to achieve: Is it a business or a passion project. With that focus in mind it can help you navigate the right path!
  • Research your preferred name/url before your purchase a domain name: Find a mentor who has a proven track record and join online groups to learn from. There are some amazing blogging groups on Facebook who are really supportive and informative. Https://
  • Research your competitors: So that you are working within the same market with relevant offerings
  • Make sure your handle is available on all platforms: It’s important to maintain a consistency across your blog and social media I use to check before going ahead with a name www.aliceinsheffield .com
  • Be organised: Keep lists of all your outgoings and incomings, suppliers or brands you have worked with. Record your stats from day one. Organisation at the start will make everything so much easier later on.
  • Decide what you’re starting a blog (or business for): if it’s to make money then you need to treat it like a business from day one.
  • If you are starting your blog learn the basics of SEO and keyword research and implement it from the start. It’s a pain to go back through all your old posts fixing everything!
  • Stop procrastinating and just do it: Yes you’ll need to learn lots but you can do so along the way. Blogging has taught me so much and for that, I’m forever grateful!

Let us know if you have any more tips on starting a business or a blog, or what your plans are for this year.

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