Top 9 ways to make a place disability friendly 


I noticed in Wakefield that a problem is that some of the buttons on the pedestrian crossings don’t work, so the traffic lights stay on green which is no good if you’re someone with a disability or are partially sighted or blind, as you would get hit by a car as you wouldn’t be able to see them.  

Here are nine ways that a place can be made disability friendly: 

1) Make sure buttons on pedestrian crossings are working properly so that the green man comes on 

2) At places have ramps or lifts that work, so they don’t have to walk up stairs  

3) Have friendly staff to welcome them  

4) When doing presentations, make sure the writing is big so that they can see it  

5) Have doors that open automatically so that they don’t have to open them  

6) Speak clearly to them so they can hear you properly  

7) Don’t use big words they won’t understand  

8)  Have a disabled toilet available for them  

9) Have a city centre map with all pedestrian crossings on so that you can plan a route  

In what ways would you like to see city centres changing? 

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