Featherstone Rovers v Bradford Bulls Match report by Daniel Crossfield (a dedicated flatcapper at the stadium )


Featherstone Rovers v Bradford Bulls Betfred Championship Round 14 Monday 6th June 2022
A West Yorkshire derby to end the weekend’s rugby league as Monday night rugby league returned with a clash between unbeaten in the league Featherstone Rovers and an improving Bradford Bulls live on Premier Sports, so how would this game go?

It was played at the Millennium Stadium

After eight minutes, Rovers attacked but got stopped near the line after a cagey start to the game.
Just before the quarter hour, Bradford’s first real attack but pulled back for forward pass.

1st Rovers try- Bussey scored after Bradford missed ball
After 16 minutes, Featherstone kicked high on last tackle, Bradford player jumped and missed the ball, and Bussey caught and spun to score, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

2nd Feath try—Leilua scored after nice kick by Davies
2 minutes later, Davies did a lovely kick towards corner and Leilua pounced and scored in corner, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

3rd Rovers try- Jacks scored in corner
After 23 minutes, a nice try by Jacks in corner as he snuck in to left of sticks, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

4th Fev try- Bussey went over in corner
Two minutes later, it was another try for Rovers and there hadn’t been even half a hour gone, as Bussey went over to left of sticks, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

5th Feath try- a great try by Hellewell
A couple of minutes later, there was a great Rovers try as they drove down middle, and got it out to Hellewell in corner who dived over, successful conversion from touch by Kheirallah.
Just before half hour, Bradford for first time were near Rovers line from a penalty, they got close to Rovers line but knocked on.

1st Bradford try- Flanagan scooted over
Just after the half hour, back to back Bradford sets on Rovers line and Flanagan scooted over near line, successful conversion by Patton.
After 34 minutes, Rovers kicked near line and forced a droput for Bradford.

Halftime score: Featherstone Rovers 30-6 Bradford Bulls
It was a good first half by Rovers, could they continue in the 2nd half?
The 2nd half was delayed due to a medical emergency in the crowd in the part where the fans stand, and eventually the doctors moved whoever it was, could have been a fan or a steward onto a stretcher and into the ambulance, and everyone clapped as they led him off.

Both sets of players then came out for a 5 minute warmup, and the game restarted at 9:15pm.

6th Rovers try- Jones with a superb try
After 46 minutes, Rovers won a penalty for Leilua being pushed into touch, and on 2nd tackle Jones ran and scored in corner, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

7th Fev try- Jacks’ 2nd of the game
After 54 minutes, Jacks scored his 2nd try of the game, unsuccessful conversion by Kheirallah but the 40 up again for Rovers.

2nd Bradford try- Doyle over
On the hour mark, Bradford scored their 2nd try as Doyle barged over from a quick play the ball, successful conversion by Patton.

8th Rovers try- Davies barged over
After 63 minutes, a good Rovers try as Davies collected ball from Smith from close range and powered over, successful conversion by Kheirallah.
Six minutes later, Rovers were unlucky as they did a lovely kick which just didn’t quite bounce Kheirallah’s way.

9th Feath try- Leilua pounced on Bradford mistake
After 73 minutes, there was a brilliant spiralling kick that Bradford player dropped near line, and Leilua was there to pounce near line in corner, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

10th Rovers try- Smith broke and scored under sticks
With three minutes remaining, another Rovers try as Smith broke and scored under sticks, successful conversion by Kheirallah.

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Fulltime score: Featherstone Rovers 58-12 Bradford Bulls
Another good and solid performance by Rovers especially after a 40 minute wait for 2nd half to begin.

Featherstone remain unbeaten in the Championship and go back top ahead of next Monday’s big game at Leigh.

Highlights of the game are at this link:

Next for Rovers as I said above is a top of the table clash as they go across to Lancashire to play Leigh Centurions at Leigh Sports Village on Monday 13th June 2022 with a 7:45pm kickoff live on Premier Sports.


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