Workington Town v Featherstone Rovers Betfred Championship Round 3 Sunday 13th February 2022


It was a very rainy Sunday afternoon for the 1st of three trips to Cumbria this season for Featherstone Rovers, as they took on a Workington side who had conceded 90 points in their 1st 2 games, so could Featherstone make it 3 wins from 3 to start the season?

It was played at Derwent Park

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After three minutes, Rovers attacked the Workington line and a last-ditch pass from Moors was intercepted.
Two minutes later, Pickersgill went close in the corner, but was tackled into touch.

1st Rovers try – Bussey crashed over
After seven minutes, the 1st try went to Rovers as Bussey crashed over from short range from Wildie’s pass, successful conversion by Hall.

2nd Rovers try- Scrappy try
Just after the quarter hour, Gale did a speculative kick and Pickersgill pounced to score, unsuccessful conversion by Hall.

3rd Rovers try- Diving try by Gale
Just after the half hour, Gale collected a fumbled ball and got over for Rovers, from the touchline unsuccessful conversion by Hall.

Halftime score: Workington Town 0-14 Featherstone Rovers
A good 1st half by Rovers 3 tries in the wind and rain, could they continue 2nd half?

1st Workington try

After 44 minutes, a strange kick early in the set by Workington was chased and grounded by Teare, successful conversion by Thomas.

Four minutes later, Wildie grubber kicked on last play to get the ball down, but ref deemed the ball was fumbled.

4th Featherstone try – break by Wildie set Jones up
Just before the hour, Wildie broke superbly and Jones finished it to score, successful conversion by Hall to get the three try lead back.

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2nd Workington try
With 9 minutes remaining, Workington scored in the corner as Fitzsimmons scored, unsuccessful conversion.

5th Rovers try- Show and go by Bussey
With two minutes left, Bussey did a show and go to score, successful conversion by Hall.

Fulltime score: Workington Town 10-26 Featherstone Rovers
A good win by Rovers given the conditions as their unbeatens tart continued.
The only unbeaten teams after 3 weeks in the Championship are Widnes and Featherstone

Highlights of this game are at this link:

Next for Featherstone is their 2nd home game of the season against London Broncos at the Millennium Stadium on Saturday 19th February with a 5:30pm kickoff.

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